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Don't Look There


Drama / Horror / Mystery



A female project manager hires a young male intern, and when he starts staying late to help, they have a one-night stand. Embarrassed by the incident, she apologizes and breaks things off quickly, but the intern isn't ready to let go yet.


Ann Forry

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nightroses 2 /10

Airhead character

The psycho is from the beginning a complete dangerous person. He seems to be on a screw loose and has murdering intentions. The psycho ends up working as an intern in an office but he becomes obsessed with a manager there. She's a so-called "tough independent" woman although doesn't have any actual brain cells when it comes to this psycho. She doesn't mind him sneaking around her house, nosing in her private things or getting creepy. She has to be the dumbest woman on film.

Reviewed by sagitan-86237 4 /10

B grade

B grade movie. Ending was expected and could have been better. Acting was somewhat good for a B grade movie. Watch it when you have nothing better to do.

Reviewed by ThomasColquith 5 /10

Exactly as you would expect

This movie is exactly as I expected it to be: an average watch with no surprises but which provides ok entertainment to pass the time. If you like these sorts of Lifetime movies then you'll probably like this one, if you don't, then you won't. Not much else to add. My rating: 5/10. Note: Emmanuelle Vaugier was the leading actress, I didn't see her credited here; she was fine.

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