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Last Night in Rozzie





New York lawyer Ronnie Russo (Neil Brown Jr.) is entangled in a complicated web of conflicting loyalties when summoned to his Boston hometown by a dying childhood friend (Jeremy Sisto). Sent on a mission to fulfill his friend's final wish - a reunion with his estranged son - Russo is forced to confront his past and a secret childhood trauma he's kept hidden for over 25 years.


Sean Gannet


Neil Brown Jr.
as Ronnie Russo
Jeremy Sisto
as Joey Donovan
Kevin Chapman
as Jim Donovan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clne 2 /10


Someone rated this movie 10/10 , must be watching a different movie. This is one of those movies made during covid lockup. Unknown actors. There's been a ton of this type of movies lingering around. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by Moviedog26 1 /10

It does not deserve even the one star

Bad acting, bad story, not good even for tv.

I don't recommend wasting any time on this one.

Reviewed by wiscogal 10 /10

Rozzie is Riveting!!

After seeing this premiere at Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, which was 100% online this year, I was immensely impressed by seeing the filmmakers in virtual chats & lounges, Red Carpets and Q & As. The filmmakers are genuine & incredibly talented. They made a dramatic film that is full of a talented cast (including kids who are rising stars), and a plot that keeps you entertained the entire duration of the film. So much attention was made to detail, from the sound, sets and everything the viewer doesn't see to make this film shine brilliantly. There wasn't a moment I once wanted to check my phone as I are pulled in the instant the film started! Watch Rozzie and watch it recieve a plethora of Laurels as it rises up as a strong independent feature. Don't miss it!

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