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He Said, She Said


Comedy / Drama / Romance



Dan and Lorie are journalists working in the same office. More often than not they have opposing view of the issue in question. Deciding that this is hot stuff, a television producer gives them their own program (called "He Said, She Said") where they can give their opposing views on various issues. As they work together and get to know one another, the events that occur in their lives are replayed in the film twice; once from each's perspective. —Murray Chapman


Ken Kwapis


Kevin Bacon
as Dan Hanson
Elizabeth Perkins
as Lorraine "Lorie" Bryer
Nathan Lane
as Wallace "Wally" Thurman
Sharon Stone
as Linda Metzger
Stanley Anderson
as Bill Weller

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suhaasa 10 /10

People will always criticize: this film is brilliant

I just saw this movie last night & was looking it up, when I found so many negative comments on the film at this website. One user says that he agrees with Maltin that this film is 'piffle': which makes me question Leonard Maltin himself. This movie is far from deserving to be termed 'piffle'. It is a clean, honest movie about typical men & women & the film itself goes into all sorts of very interesting (& light-hearted, thank God) psychological aspects of the two main characters. Another user says it's bad enough to see the story once, but then the torture is doubled when the story starts over from the woman's point of view! I am quite disappointed with this because the obvious point of repeating the whole story from a different point of view are the differences between the two. And these differences are subtle & very significant to the matter of the film. I suspect people do not want to admit that this film touched them -- well, actually, I think people are so conditioned so as to dismiss such a film as 'cheesy' or 'piffle' because of acquired motions of being & seeming brave. In fact, the people who do not respond positively to this film are very much like the male character in this film, who is incapable of allowing himself true feelings, for if he does, he loses his bravery construct. This film is a very compelling, very sweetly made film that will really change you if you allow it to. And that's the point really, we have to ask ourselves how much we do or don't allow ourselves to be changed by the things around us. In my opinion, everyone should watch this film and judge for themselves. Forget Maltin & the other cynics, we're just ordinary people trying to lead better lives, you know. And this film is very much about that, and in my opinion is something like a minor classic, the 'Casablanca' if you may, of modern-day cubicle romance.

Reviewed by Mr_Sensitive 7 /10

He Said, She Said, I Said...

It is weird to see Kevin as the romantic guys, but in this movie he is great, ditto with Elizabeth.

A story of the two journalists opposing their opinion on different issue at their program called He Said, She Said. Before they start to learn about each other and fell in love.

The movie is divided into two prospects - what he said about her, and what she said about him (to their neighbors). Though it might be confusing at time, but overall it is very satisfying, and is truly a romantic comedy that is actually can make you laugh.

REASON TO WATCH: · Kevin and Elizabeth really great with each other, · Funny romantic/comedy, · Different point of views

Reason Not To: · Too easy ending,

Rating: 7/10 (Grad: B-)

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 /10

Delightful Battle of the Sexes

The wolf journalist Dan Hanson (Kevin Bacon) is disputing a column in the newspaper Baltimore Sun with his colleague Lorie Bryer (Elizabeth Perkins). The editors decide to divide the column between them increasing their rivalry. They are invited by the television producer Wally Thurman (Nathan Lane) to have their own show called "He Said, She Said", where they present opposing opinions in different subjects. Meanwhile they fall in love for each other and decide to live together. Three years later, Lorie wishes to marry Dan that refuses and they have a discussion and Lorie throws her mug on his forehead. When they tell their story to their friends, each one tells it in a different perspective.

"He Said, She Said" is a wonderful romantic comedy underrated in IMDb with a delightful battle of the sexes. The same story is disclosed twice, the first time in accordance with Dan Hanson's perspective and directed by Ken Kwapis and the second time the view of Lorie Bryer directed by Marisa Silver. The funny thing is that Ken Kwapis and Marisa Silver were engaged and got married to each other after the film was released. In 1991 I loved this movie and presently it is lovely to see Elizabeth Perkins, Sharon Stone, Kevin Bacon, Anthony LaPaglia, Nathan Lane and others very young. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Ele Disse, Ela Disse" ("He Said, She Said")

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