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Home Sweet Home


Drama / Mystery / Thriller



A story that follows a family of four leading harmonious and contented lives. When a mysterious visitor starts residing in their basement, their lives are turned upside down as strange events begin to occur.


Leste Chen

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phebychow 8 /10

Underrated movie

I really like the concept of the movie and am surprised it turns out to be a low rating film. I believe it deserves more than this!

The visual art and shooting skills are decent. Soon after the opening, the director quickly creates the necessary drama element with a series of suspense. All these quickly brings me a strong curiosity and desire to watch till the end. The strange family with this so-called "fugitive prisoner" look cool in the setting at least I haven't seen this combination to make a thriller.

Reviewed by tonytone23 5 /10

China's version of Parasite?

Anyone else notice similarities vs Parasite? The lighting, the house, basement and take on social inequality.

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