A new transfer student comes once again to a high school where violent fights among students is a way of life.


Toshiaki Toyoda


Taichi Saotome
as Ryohei Kagami
Yuya Yagira
as Toru Goura
Ryo Katsuji
as Kenichi Ogisu
Takanori Iwata
as Hiroki Shibata

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Reviewed by merrilanil 5 /10

Nowhere near the real crows

I am a big fan of this series and in fact have treasured the copies of first two movies as If it is my personal goldmine. I had waited patiently for the third movie for years. The last movie came out in 2009 and now its 2014 so imagine how long has it taken for the movie franchise to come out with a sequel but was it worth waiting this long? Absolutely not

First of all we have to deal with the absence of its original star casts like Shun Oguri as Takiya Genji and Takayuki Yamada as Serizawa Tamao. They had immortalized their characters and the entire franchise with their power packed fists and acting. The new release on the other hand does not have an impressive star cast. The franchise which is known for its action is what is lacking in this movie primarily.

If I am watching a movie from the crows series, I need to see some action but sadly the only action in this movie is right about at the beginning and at the very end and that too for a very brief second and long gone before you can even feast your eyes.

Masahiro Higashide as Kaburagi Kazeo is good with acting but bad with action. He does not impress with his action skills but Yuya Yagira as Goura Toru was still impressive and so was the character black dynamite (only for action). Kento Nagayama as Fujiwara Hajime has a meaty role in the movie but that is what is bothering me. It felt as if the whole plot deviation just took out the essence of the basic movie. A recurring character Rinda man was totally wasted with barely there presence

The movie franchise which entirely sprouted from its action sequences forgot that basic element in its new movie and instead diverted with a somewhat lukewarm performances and plot, totally disappointing the fans who have been dying for the sequel for a really long time.

Reviewed by nakatsu2792 2 /10


Seriously guys?? what's with the review? It didn't help people who didn't watch the movie yet.

As someone who watch Crow Zero and Crow Zero 2, and read the WHOLE 'Crows' manga, this movie is really bad. Not only it's not connected to any Crow series, the plotting is bad. I know, the director doesn't want to make it similar to the Crow manga and bla bla bla.. It's just like Crow Zero (1), main character comes to the "Crow" school as senior, not a junior, are destined to conqueror the school and in the end trying to defeat the unmatched guy in the school, Rindaman. At least Crow Zero (1) was unique.

The Fighting scene, gurhh~~ really, really, really bad. Most of the guys just know how to punch using the right hand and swing it wide and kick using the right foot. Only the dynamite guy got some good move. Even though Shun Oguri not that good with fighting seen, at least he made it look real.

I'm writing this sincerely. If the director want to make a 3rd movie, he should at least consider where to put the storyline as the Crow Zero as the title suggested, Zero = Prequel to Crows story. Maybe he just should make it after the storyline of Crows series.

Reviewed by fluffset 4 /10

bad crow!

The first 30 minutes is OK but the pacing become slow and slow till the end. Its boring. The first 2 Crows by Takashi Miike is awesome, its not this director is bad or what because he have make some good movie before. The real problem is the storyline, it doesn't have any strong plot in this movie. They use Kenzo story, the former character from previous Crows as a subplot but it still not works. Woman character is less used too in this sequel. But they forget something important in Crows Zero, something really important. The action scene! Although this movie only using street fighting as its martial art, they forget to hire any choreographer! We can see that all action scene here just use some random punch and kick here and there without any art, just like the director or the actor who know nothing about fighting choreographed the fight scene, which is really important for this movie. Even the names are not memorable and stylish at all, we still can remember Genji and Serizawa and it feel so good and cool to saying their name. This movie, I have forgot all their name, I think the hero named Kazeo and its not cool at all. Stay true to the book is the only way.

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