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Another Girl


Drama / Thriller



Elle Overton, a college student, becomes obsessed with Katie Kampenfelt, the mysterious heroine of a novel she's just finished reading. When Elle, battling depression, becomes convinced that Katie is actually a flesh-and-blood human being, it sets her on a reckless and terrifying course. An exploration of the potentially dangerous allure of the Internet, the film picks up where its predecessor, the cult hit Ask Me Anything, left off.


Allison Burnett


Sammi Hanratty
as Elle Overton
Peter Gadiot
as Dave Hastings
Paul Rush
as Connor Overton
Jessica Richards
as Molly Andrews
Peggy Goss
as Elle's Mom

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jenniferstevens-00667 2 /10

Are we all watching the same movie?

Honestly this was terrible, some of the things that come out of the protagonists mouth "what do you eat when you bleed?" Women do not talk like this to each other it was cringe. I did not like any of the characters, they behaved so odd and unbelievable. The idea behind it has something interesting to it but the actual conversations and decisions the characters make is infuriating and laughable.

Reviewed by prettyeyez-08327 10 /10

Fantastic Movie! Allison Burnett has made another wonderful movie

This movie is the sequel to Undiscovered Gyrl, (movie name "Ask Me Anything"). From the very beginning you can pick up that Elle is troubled and she reaches out to a fictitious character after reading the first book. Even though the author even tells her that Katie (the girl from the book) is not real she still keeps writing to the person and telling her story, which is in fact a very sad story. She believes she has found a friend in the fake Katie Kampenfelt. She ignores the red flags (that Katie always has an excuse, she won't give out her phone number, etc.) . In this movie you can really get to see how being desperate for someone to talk to can ultimately have some bad consequences. And it leaves you with questions so you can decide what happened yourself with what was shown. Ultimately it's a great movie that is enjoyable, and makes you think at the same time. I would definitely recommend watching it.

Reviewed by ops-52535 7 /10

a beautiful shot...

Movie of an estranged kind of life , for the grumpy old man to phatom due to 2 generation of technological and sociological development that has passed me by in the sideglance, and a story about the introvertiness and dependency on digital devices to maintain a full worth lifestyle, spiced up with sex and beauty, peppered with some mental issues, pretty intense psychology that might be hard to swallow for some viewers, because this is a more common lifestory among the young ones than you think.

Its voices in the head, its selfharming, even suicide attempts, its the constant feeling of being controlled and punished by the ones you unfold your life for, a splendid mix of fact of fiction and desillusions. But the story ends unfortunatelly in a big wet thundery question style, could that mean a secondary sequele will come in the near future???

Well its filmographical quality are amazing, so is the musical score, and the physical acts by the main cast. So if you feel bewildered in the start , youll be even worse in the end, its hard to seperate facts from fiction, and a tiny little timeline could easily have helped a lot, cause there are some flashback to put in the trolly. Even though that said, you wont get braindamaged to watch this, cause its actuality in true life excists. A should see movie for all under 40. A recommend.

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