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An unemployed doctor turned cab driver becomes a local hero when he converts his taxi into a mobile clinic. Dr. CABBIE is the heart warming journey of a young Indian Doctor who immigrates to Canada with the selfless ambition of healing others while beginning a new life in the land of opportunity. Dr. CABBIE discovers his true purpose and true love when he embarks upon this journey of a doctor turned cabbie. —Lisa Shamata, Unit Publicist


Jean-François Pouliot


Vinay Virmani
as Deepak Veer Chopra
Adrianne Palicki
as Natalie Wilman

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mv-at-last 3 /10

Cliché fest with a few laughs

This film has a predictable plot and the stereotypes are all alive and well here: Indian, white, Italian, the Canadian medical system, and, oh yes, let's all laugh at the fat girl who seeks love. There are a few laughs but not enough of them. The pluses? Vinay Virmani's 'Deepak Chopra' is likable and charming. Kunal Nayyar has some good moments as Tony, a fellow cabbie. The love interest Adrianne Palicki is, well, tall. The rest of the cast seems a bit overwrought although Mircea Monroe has one of the few genuinely funny turns as Deepak's Ghandi-spouting, exotic dancing, yoga-infused white 'auntie'. The film includes some Bollywood-style music sequences. And his fans may be surprised that Kunal Nayyar is a pretty good rapper. But the few funny moments in this film can't carry the rest of the cliché fest.

Reviewed by sunny-jindl2 4 /10

Dumb Movie with Clichéd Breast Jokes and Other bad humor

The protagonist of this movie is a Gold Medalist Doctor from India. He migrates to Canada without even checking if they would allow him to practice. He is this dumb, OK. After knowing that he can't practice in Canada, what would anyone choose driving a cab in a new country or being a doctor and saving lives in your own poor country? Yes, he is that dumb, he chooses to be a cabbie. So, any plot in this movie can not be taken seriously. Now, the jokes, they are offensive and stale. Women with big chests show up everywhere. The migrant cabbie (Kunal) feels at ease in harassing white women, I guess director trying to satisfy fantasies of cabbies. As far as acting goes, the lead, Vinay does not even try. I guess the only audience this movie is made for is the NRIs, But I wonder if people exposed to Hollywood would ever consider watching this.

Reviewed by paul_marston 1 /10

Kunal Nayyar struck lucky with Big Bang Theory!

Because based on this utter tosh he doesn't have a comedic bone in his body! What a travesty this film has the gall to call itself a comedy! Without wit timing or anything resembling humour, I cannot help but get the feeling that the £200k or so it got from "box office" was a private personal screening of the Nayyar family! Maybe it's a cultural thing, maybe I'm not supposed to get the jokes because they are so subtle. Or maybe these glowing reviews are written by people PAID to do so! I cannot imagine ANYONE bar people directly involved in the film giving it anywher near 5/10 yet alone 10 stars! I'd give spoilers, but that would imply there were good things in this film that could be spoilt! I mean the entire premise of the film necessitates suspension of belief, and I am more than happy to do so IF it is entertaining.

Kunal Nayyar was the SOLE reason I watched this film - it was morbid curiosity to see if he is a really poor actor (as I suspected) or his part in the Big Bang Theory was played that way.

Sadly it's him - he just isn't a very good actor! AVOID

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