The Crickets Dance (2020) torrent download

The Crickets Dance


Crime / Drama / History



Southern lawyers Andrew McGrath and Angie Lawrence have been seeking the keys to their past and their future most of their lives. Unbeknownst to either of them each has the piece to the puzzle the other is seeking. Through the words of a young girl written in a journal well over a 150 years ago, found by accident, both Angie and Andrew begin the journey of unraveling their history. The last thing they expected to discover was mystery and murder along the way. Neither of them were expecting the brutality they would encounter or the love that grew from it. They quickly realize they must overcome the past if they have any hope for a future together. —Author Deborah Robillard


Veronica Robledo


Maurice Johnson
as Andrew McGath
Kristen Renton
as Angie Lawrence
Bill Oberst Jr.
as David Kincaid
William Mark McCullough
as Jackson McGrath
Sandra Ellis Lafferty
as Miss Claudia Wainwright

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by savannah1629 1 /10

I wanted to like this.

I love movies about the deep south so I started watching this even though the current rating is a dismal 4.8. Given the current political climate, I thought maybe the motive behind the 10 one star reviews were about something other than the movie as not one of them wrote a review explaining their rating. Unfortunately, the one star ratings are deserved. The writing is bad. The acting is bad. It's a shame. As much as I wanted to enjoy the views lovely south can provide, I only managed to hang on for about 25 minutes before shutting it down.

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