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Shadowless Sword


Action / Adventure / History



In ancient Korea, the Prince of Beahae has been assassinated and the kingdom is in turmoil. The only hope lies with So-Ha, a beautiful but deadly female warrior, who is sent to find Prince Jeong and place him on the throne after years of exile. The killer blade army has other ideas, dispatching a host of fighters to stop So-Ha including the icy female assassin Mae. —Ladywhirwind


Kim Young-jun


Lee Seo-jin
as Dae Jung-hyun
Yoon Soy
as Yeon So-ha
Lee Ki-Yong
as Mae Yung-ok
Shin Hyun-joon
as Gun Hwa-pyung
Jung Ho-bin
as Ya Yool Chul Ra
Jin Bong-jin
as Lim Sun-ji

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tirkkanen 10 /10

Very entertaining and visually excellent

Now I'll start off by saying that there is no reason to compare this movie to the Asian blockbusters such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Hero etc. It doesn't matter if you've seen them or not because I think this movie has it's own atmosphere and feel to it. I guess it's because this film is Korean. There is a distinct difference between Korean and other Asian action movies. They have their own style of making these fantastic action/epic/drama movies. Another great Korean movie in the same veins is Musa The Warrior, so if you've seen it you have some idea what to expect. Some other comment stated that there are some weird comedic features in the fight scenes, but I wouldn't point that out in the review. It was only one short scene and that's all she wrote. On the contrary I found this movie to be quite serious in the whole. Though everyone would say there wasn't much of a plot I answer; There is an adequate plot to carry this movie without a problem, it is after all made for entertaining purposes, not for the Oscar nomination.

Now more about the movie. The fighting is mostly sword-fighting. There are a few more exotic arms with some of the fighters too like bows or poles. The fights were made watcher friendly in a way that you can actually see what is happening in the fights all the time. So it's not just a clinging sound and a million swordstrikes per second where you can't tell which sword belongs to who. So you can see every small detail in the fights which is in my opinion definitely a good thing. And yes, there is a lot of flying in the movie, but used much more tastefully than for example in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The fight choreography in general was amazing. Saw many moves that I hadn't seen before in similar films. The actors were good, especially the leading actress was very convincing. When I watched this film, I had been bored out of my mind all day and was about to fall to sleep. NOT after the movie started rolling. I was glued to my seat from start to end. Summary: Good action and choreography, good acting and very, very entertaining.

Reviewed by unbrokenmetal N/A

Keeping them on the run

"Shadowless Sword" was one of my favorite wuxia movies in the past 2 years. It has creative ideas (see the fight scene under water!), a great couple of heroes (beautiful So-yi Yoon from "Arahan" and Seo-jin Lee), and its simple principle "keep them on the run" avoids tedious moments. The movie takes us into 10th century Korea. After all possible heirs to the throne have been murdered, the warrioress Soha (So-yi Yoon) must bring the last surviving prince Jeong-hyeon (Seo-jin Lee) to the throne. He'd prefer an anonymous life under cover, though. But since enemies are already knocking at the door, he has no choice but trust the girl, follow her and run for his life...

Action packed, maybe not quite as stylish as "Hero" but still good looking, and occasionally with good dialog (for example when the prince wonders if he'd make a good king, he never had to think about that before), "Shadowless Sword" is enjoyable throughout.

Reviewed by smokem-1 8 /10

Excellent action and excellent eye candy !

Sometimes, films are just about color and movement- action and thrills. SHADOWLESS SWORD will not change your life, it won't make you think about the meaning of existence- but if you enjoy great fights and gorgeous actresses- then this film is for you ! Yun Soy is wonderful as the cool headed bodyguard - a much better role for her than ARAHAN- whilst she is beautiful, I found her to be very convincing in this film. So sit back , relax and just be entertained by the two lead actresses, the ultra cool underwater fight scene and the superb fight with the long mace inside the hut .

Three words can easily describe this film- FIGHTS, FEMMES and FUN !!

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