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Dan Soder: Son of a Gary





The comic discusses drug dogs at the airport, the customer service generation and other topics.


Christopher Storer


Dan Soder
as Himself

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain 8 /10

Funny guy, stoners can relate.

First Dan Soder stand-up comedy for me and it was a success. There is a good vibe to his show, it's like he's just telling us true stories but then in a funny way. He has a good vocabulary, nice accents and different voices, some good jokes and puns, but mostly he can bring it in a very amusing natural way. He's obviously a stoner and the way he brings his show feels like he's very relaxed on scene, with a good interaction with the audience. It doesn't feel forced like with some other stand-up comedians. Looking forward to watch another show of him.

Reviewed by christianlees775 10 /10

Consistently funny from start to finish.

Dan just might be my new favorite comic, awesome special.

Reviewed by simonv-14712 9 /10

As funny as the best of them

I would say Soder has levelled up here, found a new maturity and bold honesty, along with a witty outrageousness that takes him into the territory of the best I've encountered. Looking forward to what comes next for him.

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