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Lil Rel Howery: Live in Crenshaw





Lil Rel Howery draws on his personal experiences in his relatable, uproarious stand-up.


Jerrod Carmichael


Akua Willis
as Herself

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Reviewed by airborne_trooper 5 /10

It's alright

Love me some Lil' Rel and I dropped everything to watch this when I saw it was available. He has the type of humor that I have with my friends when just hanging out.

I also have to give him A LOT of respect for having an HBO Special in Crenshaw, making it available to fans in the inner city. But why they decided to record the special in a gym instead of an auditorium is beyond me. The setting was distracting with the crowd constantly in the shot and they had to adjust the lighting in the gym midway through to address the setting sun. It just seemed really amateurish.

But for the show itself, there certainly were some parts that made me laugh out loud, but it was more to the silliness of what was being said, rather than laughing at the punchline of a bonafide, clever joke. If you're familiar with Lil Rel's comedy, then you know he's notorious for laughing at his own jokes. And there's nothing wrong with that at all and he has an infectious laugh for sure. But it's awwwwwwkward when he's laughing at stuff the crowd didn't find all that funny or laughing before he really gets the joke out.

Some of the "characters" he used in this special were really just recycled characters from other specials just with different titles. In other words, it was just a mechanism to re-hash the better parts of other routines he's done. Fine for someone who's never seen his material before, but they were much better executed in the past than done here.

One of my pet peeves with comedians is when they dwell on a joke too long ex. Telling a story and within that story, repeating a word phrase or sound over and over again. He did that a few times and it was just like ok man move on.

Lil Rel is hilarious, and he's got a lot of funny material out there, but for this being an HBO Special, this was horribly directed. And I dunno if maybe he had a bit too much to drink, but at times he either couldn't seem to focus or remember what he was trying to say, making the entire thing come off as disjointed.

Gave it a 5 for the genuine laugh out loud moments. They're definitely there and make this special worth it if you're bored and have some free time.

Reviewed by lee-dunc 2 /10

Riding coattails

First of all he's not funny, he has a funny voice. He hides his lack of talent between energetic boisterousness and curse words.

Secondly so u don't think I'm here to trash the guy he's not a bad actor in my estimation, he has solid timing and can show emotion. However, this special I will trash because it was trash and hbo needs to do better. The bar cannot be this low. I know YouTube's constant amateur parade has dumbed the audience down more than ever, but we all know what that is and hbo can't let a "comedian" ad lib (poorly) on stage and expect us to be okay with the high prices they charge.

While appreciate the efforts in getting other things on the air that are different and flop like the black lady sketches, and whatever gay/trans documentary came out last week - its gonna kill your audience if names are allowed to come in and tell lame jokes half the time and then laugh their way through the other half. Netflix is putting out some really good standup specials, do better hbo!

Reviewed by tlcaringo 3 /10


I think this guy has talent on screen, but damn this stand up STINKS. I thought this could be a cool premise being live on Crenshaw but he wasn't the one to do it. Unfunny and worse off- corny.

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