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The year-long campaign of Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke for the 2018 Texas senate seat is presented. He almost achieved what was arguably seen as the improbable to impossible by coming close to upsetting the incumbent, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, in what is one of the bluest states state-wide in the nation. That uphill climb included being little known at the beginning of the campaign outside his El Paso district - he planning on visiting all two hundred fifty-four counties in the state in making himself better known - and not accepting any political action committee (PAC) moneys, which most politicians do, in funding his campaign. Specific issues are highlighted as they become more integral in the minds of the public and thus politicians, including President Donald Trump's push to build a border wall and his associated classification that all illegal Mexican immigrants are criminals, and the number of mass shootings in the country - especially the one at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas - bringing up the ever divisive issue of gun control. The effect of the decision to run on O'Rourke's immediate family is also shown, they who describe the commitment being exponentially greater than it was in the Congress campaign. The possible effects of the election result on the 2020 elections is also discussed. —Huggo


David Modigliani


Amy O'Rourke
as Herself
Cynthia Cano
as Herself
Jody Casey
as Herself
Chris Evans
as Himself
David Wysong
as Himself

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by veganhealer 1 /10

failed politican...failed man

Beto (which isn't actually his real name) has no chance as a politician because people can see right through his facade... which is clear in this film. Not only that but he admitted that he wasn't there for his family when they needed him. This man needs to return home and fix that place, first.

Reviewed by fleck05-485-208981 2 /10

Beto is an empty suit

Watching how some smart people managed to fool many people that Beto is anything more than an empty suit full of platitudes was a little interesting, but the guy is so fake I couldn't understand why people were so enamored with him.

Reviewed by random-70778 N/A

hagiography style. Fails to mention either his mistakes, or the fact that the lost despite outspending his opponent 2.4:1

Virtually no candidate outspends their opponent 2.4:1 (direct speding 2:1, dark /527 money 3:1 ) spending or more and loses, but "Beto" managed to do exactly that. There is almost no mention of the fact that his opponent, Cruz had an actual grass roots campaign, based in Texas, whereas nearly 80% of Beto's money came from outside Texas. In fact open Secrets (the most prestigious camaoing spending website) shows 81% of Beto money came from outside of Texas.

by the way this worshipful film out to be considered by the FEC to be campaign spending for his presidential campaign.

This a very important issue for the future of the Demoratic party in Texas, which Beto harmed, and for it nationally. Thankfully in the 2020, he has been relegated to nothing. When you have fellow Democrats call him "the ultimate empty suit."

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