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Minna, a drug addict who makes a living dealing drugs, can't pay rent and after cheating some delinquents she runs with the money. She meets Katja and they move together to an illegal residence outside the city, where a group of people have decided to join and live by their own rules. —Canon y mus


Peter Grönlund

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Reviewed by Morten_5 9 /10


Impeccable writing from Peter Grönlund, with an impressive authenticity in the dialogues. Grönlund's direction is so determined and good, it's hard to believe it's his debut. Malin Levanon is amazing in the lead - and Lo Kauppi is great too.

Reviewed by mainposa 9 /10

"Honor among thieves"

The movie 'Tjuvheder' has received great reviews in the media - with good reason. A rough and authentic portrayal of the lower depths of society. Definitely among the most realistic I've seen. Translated to English the Swedish title means "Honor Among Thieves" - which can be understood as: the concept that criminals do not compromise the activities of other criminals. It can also mean that even corrupt or criminal individuals can possess some form of honor, justice, or moral code. The movie questions this honor in an excellent way.

The performances are so brilliant, it makes you question whether it's really acting. Several of the actors has lived, or are still living, this life for real - a factor which probably has contributed to making them so great at portraying their roles. The characters are whole, with both gruesome and charming sides. The same goes for the community among them. The movie captured my attention from beginning to end, and will probably capture yours too.

'Tjuvheder' has my highest recommendation. I hope it will be seen by a wide audience.

Reviewed by nairtejas 5 /10

EUFF Review: Drifters (5 Stars)

Drifters talks about compassion and human bonding while giving you a picture of the opposite that's prevalent in the nether part of Stockholm where people are just going by through petty jobs. People who do not have a home, do not have permanent jobs, do not have anything that a regular citizen would have, and above that, are being hawked by the authorities for being anti-social. It is gritty in a way that does not involve any action or blood but makes you think about all the people in the world who are living daily off nothing. It also shows why people turn into drug peddlers and what compassion means in the face of danger. Central actor Malin Levanon puts up a show that is as magnificent as the turn of events in Drifters, a film that is just about essential to watch but not a masterpiece. TN.

(Watched and reviewed at the 24th European Union Film Festival (EUFF India) in Mumbai.)

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