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Destination: Infestation


Action / Adventure / Drama



While on a flight home from Colombia, the plane that Dr. Carrie Ross and her daughter are on is attacked by bullet ants whose sting is the most painful and deadliest on the planet. Joining forces with air marshal Ethan Hart, Dr. Ross, an entomologist, tries desperately to save the flight from disaster. In the end, their struggle brings them closer together and offers the couple hope for the future. —George Mendeluk


George Mendeluk


Jessalyn Gilsig
as Dr. Carrie Ross
Serge Houde
as Captain McReady
Karen Holness
as Kayla Johnson
Matthew Harrison
as Dean Phillips
Emily Tennant
as Jamie Ross

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chellycat 1 /10

An insult to viewers' intelligence

My mother and I are fans of Lifetime movies, and so when we saw that this was on, we got all excited and settled in to watch it. The beginning was promising, if not a bit predictable. Now, my mom and I are lenient when it comes to Lifetime movies...we don't expect a masterpiece. We're just looking for a good time. However, this movie consistently failed to satisfy even the lowest of our low expectations. Problems? First off, when the mutant super-ants attacked the first passenger and then went crawling about the plane, the flight attendants just stood by idly, cowering in fear. How the heck did they pass their training? Secondly, when the pilots contacted the Miami air traffic controllers about their situation, the controller on duty did not take them seriously and even cut them off, saying he would "get back to them." What kind of air traffic controller would do that? Finally, once they found out about the ants, no airport would allow the plane to land. Completely unrealistic. Most air traffic controllers would go out of their way to *save* a plane, not just let it fly around until it runs out of fuel and crashes. Never mind that some of the ants would surely survive the crash and infest the area anyway. Oops...we let all those people die for nothing. Doh!

Whoever made this movie must think we, the viewers, are stupid and can accept such an implausible plot. As I said earlier, I expect general stupidity and implausibility from Lifetime movies, but Destination: Infestation pushes my patience and makes Lifetime's other movies look like Academy Award winners.

Reviewed by mark-d-1 1 /10

If you like this movie, there is something wrong with you

Having nothing better to do on a weekend afternoon, I thought I'd get a few laughs out of Destination: Infestation assuming that it would be cheesy and unintentionally funny. The first mistake I made was thinking I had nothing better to do. Starring at a blank wall for an hour and a half would have been more enjoyable. Secondly, the movie tried to be serious. If you're going to make "Ants on a Plane" or "Destination: Infestation" and it's going to be airing on the Lifetime Movie Network you have to realize that it's not going to be recognized for anything special. This movie is quite simply painful to watch. Some humor would have been a VERY good addition.

I'll sit through an Ed Wood marathon before even trying to muster the courage that is required to watch Destination: Infestation. Avoid this movie at ALL costs.

Reviewed by FilmCreature 1 /10

FilmCreature Reviews 'Destination: Infestation'

Why do they even try and make these kind of movies? I turned this movie on expecting a cheesy, stupid movie about killer ants-it was even worse. The acting was atrocious, these people were incredibly unrealistic, and I simply hated the movie altogether.

I turned it off halfway through because of the astonishing awfulness of this movie simply stunned me. It wasn't suspenseful, or scary, or dramatic, it's hardly even a film at all. It rates up there with 'Absolute Zero' as one of the worst TV movies I've ever seen (which is horrible--I've seen A LOT of bad TV movies).

I like Jessalyn Gilsig in 'Heroes', and she was another reason I decided to turn this on. Even she was horrible. I didn't expect much from Antonio Sabato, Jr., as many fans of the sci-fi channel will understand.

So, a 1/10. I can't stand the thought of watching another movie like this again. Ugh. *Starts puking*


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