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Howard Original


Comedy / Drama



After MULTIPLE failed relationships, a screenwriter named HOWARD begins to question his life and the meaning of it. He escapes to a cabin, in hopes to find closure from both his writer's block and hysterical, yet painful past. Only, HOWARD finds himself in a state of reality and an altered universe when he finds an abandoned cat named BLUE while reflecting on his personal and work relationships. —Anonymous

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by windsorenquirer 1 /10

Fake reviews alert!

I have no idea what other reviewers watched.

I would give it -10 if I could. I watched it for 10 min maybe, waiting and hoping for it to get better and I gave up, it was UNWATCHABLE!

Horrible! Stay away from this stinker.

Reviewed by michelleharriswade 10 /10

My type of Indie

I loved this film. Everything about it. Even the way it started had me excited and reminded me of an old series sit com but then led into a movie. I'm into Indie films and this one makes you think. Especially if your into the creative writing/arts. For me it was relatable. I would watch it again. Bravo!

Reviewed by NickRizzini 9 /10

Thought Provoking Indie Film!

I've experienced so many different emotions watching this! I loved it. Don't be fooled by the look of it. When I search for an indie film, I'm looking for something bold, something different, something studios wouldn't have the guts to produce. I highly recommend!

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