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The Scheme


Crime / Documentary



The true story of basketball insider Christian Dawkins, who hustled the FBI in a scandal that threatened to take down the NCAA.


Pat Kondelis

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by broyjam 10 /10

Eyes Open

Great insight into the FBI and the SCHEMES they play to take down the little fish, but continue to let the big fish eat all day, every day!!!

Reviewed by dneher 8 /10

misuse of the criminal justice system

A delightfully unrepentant Christian Dawkins guides us through yet another story about crimes that would not have been committed but for the actions of the FBI. This sort of law enforcement is reprehensible wherever it happens, but the FBI seems particularly prone to it. Furthermore, we learn that one of the agents who investi ... er ... instigated the matter possibly was committing crimes himself.

Reviewed by wcsaunders 10 /10

It's a 10 for any sports fan

I'll make this short. If you're a college basketball fan and don't watch this, you'll be missing one thing that will either confirm or completely change what you think about the NCAA, the FBI and our judicial system. It's extremely well done and to true. I checked.

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