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The Evening Hour





Set in a small West Virginia mining town nestled in the foothills of Appalachia, THE EVENING HOUR tells the story of a small-time drug dealer, Cole Freeman, who is driven to action and redemption in response to a set of unexpected circumstances that threaten to tear the close-knit fabric of family, friendship, land, and history that binds everyone, and everything, he loves.


Braden King


Philip Ettinger
as Cole Freeman
Stacy Martin
as Charlotte Carson
Cosmo Jarvis
as Terry Rose
Michael Trotter
as Reese Campbell
Kerry Bishé
as Lacy Cooper
Lili Taylor
as Ruby Freeman

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Narna74 7 /10

I enjoyed it

Solid performances by all the actors except the cowboy bad guy. I was drawn to this film because of Cosmo Jarvis from the film "Calm with horses". Now to see him go from an Irish hoodlum to a deep talking, meth cooking red neck just shows this lads range. However the performance I was most struck by was the lead Cole, at first I thought he was quite weak but then the moment came where he speaks to his mum, well he doesn't speak, its just his facial expressions. This film isn't heavy in dialogue and plot, the plot plays out at a steady pace and its a typical good guy wrestling with his conscience. What is good about this film is what's not said. I usually switch films off after ten minutes if they are pants, but this one kept me going. What is new to me in this type of film is the plot plays out off camera and instead you watch the lead Cole tangle with its repercussions. I give it a 7, its worth a watch and I should imagine you either love it or hate it. Good indie film making.

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