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Untold: Breaking Point


Documentary / Sport



Tennis star Mardy Fish's battles with anxiety and mental health.


Chapman Way

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Reviewed by maytekinaliyeva 10 /10

It was the best episode

I am not a sportsman, but I totally get him. Anxiety is a heartless b****h. I want to tear my chest and pull out my heart sometimes and it doesn't come alone it comes with severe body pain that I cannot control or sooth. Can't tell anyone except for my husband because mental illness is still some kind of make -believe thing for our society. I am so glad that he talked about it. A lot of people should do so. Not being able to show that makes it worse.

Reviewed by Calicodreamin 7 /10

Strong message

In todays culture mental health is becoming more of an open topic, so this doc carried a strong message about what harm can come when people feel they cant discuss their mental state. The documentary was well put together, the interviews were relevant, and the content interesting.

Reviewed by elwood187 9 /10

Touching on the important topic of mens mental health

Sadly, in 2021, society has cast aside men's mental health in place of female-centric issues, I found the doc refreshing in that it touches on men's overall mental health. More docs and series need to touch upon this troublesome issue without including interference from women's issues.

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