Witches of Blackwood (2020) torrent download

Witches of Blackwood


Horror / Thriller


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Available in: 720P.WEB 720P.WEB


A supernatural thriller with a witchy theme, starring Cassandra Magrath


Kate Whitbread


Cassandra Magrath
as Claire Nash
John Voce
as Clifford Armstrong
Nicholas Denton
as Luke Dawson
Francesca Waters
as Sarah Nash
Kevin Hofbauer
as Will James

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by msalkin-46677 3 /10


Thriller? Sleeper, perhaps. One shot from a drone showing the protagonist driving is more than enough. One scene of the protagonist and the young man who wanted out of his life (and perhaps this film) would have sufficed in a screenplay that needed to move at more than a snail's pace. I suspect that the redundancy provided "fill" for what was an empty film.

Perhaps the worst sin was the final scene of happiness and glee when having the protagonist's daughter's eyed cloud would have at least given us a chill, however fleeting.

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