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Maximum Impact


Action / Comedy



The US State Secretary arrives on a secret summit in Moscow, in order to dissipate the tension between the Russia-Americal relations. However the world face the threat of a World War III, when a leader on an international terrorist group organizes an assassination of the US State Secretary and kidnaps his granddaughter. Despite their differences, CIA and FSB unite to save humanity . —anonymous


Andrzej Bartkowiak


Alexandr Nevsky
as Maxim Kadurin
Kelly Hu
as Katie Desmond
Evgeniy Stychkin
as Andrey Durov
Tom Arnold
as Agent Barnes
Eric Roberts
as Robert Jacobs
Keith Powers
as Agent Vance
Mark Dacascos
as Tony Lin

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rufikos-32314 1 /10

Big time trash

Primitive c class movie casting c class actors. Made for money laundry.does not worth to watch.

Reviewed by losangelestime 1 /10

NEVSKY (The Real last name is Kurytsin, that in Russian means - Chicken).

This is a money laundry "movie making" project of Nevsky and his thug team, that do not mind filming predictably horrible "Hollywood Blockbusters" as Nevsky loves to name his lame "masterpieces". A talentless narcissistic anabolic user wants to look not less than Arnold and Sylvester, while not really understanding what he actually is. If you want to ruin a couple of hours of your precious life and tease your brain on dumb and extreme visuals, along with laughably bad acting of Nevsky and his circus group, then get to see at least a couple of his "movies", and regret about that decision later on. Guaranteed.

Reviewed by Gothamite1 2 /10

Painful to watch, so very.

There are some pretty decent actors in this with a potentially good story. All wasted with a terrible script with little action or comedy full of mugging for the camera instead of any attempt at performing. Terrible!

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