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I Am Joe


Action / Drama / Mystery



Joe a quaint NYU physics professor one day is drugged by Nacho, the shaman of Jewish mysticism criminal group, and so Jack-- Joe's violent alternative personality--starts to emerge. Thus he travels to LA and with the help of his ex-lover Blondie, Joe searches for Nacho before it's too late and Jack takes over. —anonymous


Pedro Baron

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Reviewed by abrego1-398-438138 2 /10

Joe, Jack or Bob?

The Messiah could not save this film. Ah a dude in a black suit (ala blues brother) gets involved with the CIA and a radical mentally unstable Jewish cult. It is perhaps filmed at a motel 6 in 3 days. Ah no it just seems that way. It has something to do with quasi Quantum Physics and maybe goofy time travel. It's all justified by quoting Albert Einstein a lot.

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