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Future Force


Action / Crime / Sci-Fi



John Tucker is the notoriously feared leader of the Civilian Operated Police Systems, a ruthless band of bounty hunters formed to restore order in a city overrun with crime. In the name of the law, and armed with an arsenal of weapons, he will stop at nothing to capture each bounty. But when corruption is exposed within the C.O.P.S. organization--instead of upholding the law--John Tucker will be forced to fight it. —Echo Bridge Home Entertainment


David A. Prior


David Carradine
as John Tucker
Anna Rapagna
as Marion Sims
William Zipp
as Jason Adams
D.C. Douglas
as Billy Parke

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reverendtom 10 /10

A Damn Funny Way To Recover from a Hangover

This is the kind of movie that is best watched with friends who are recovering from hangovers. That is how i was introduced to it, and it definitely helped my condition. This film is completely and totally hilarious. I love it. From the extremely cheesy dialogue to the sleazy porno looking police chief to the magical robot glove, this movie rules. In fact, I'm hungover right now. In fact, I'm going to watch it again right now. Yes.

Reviewed by flim-4 6 /10

So bad that is good

This movie is so bad that its good. The flying arm is a joke, and the "hidden" commercial are so good. Me and a friend laughed the whole movie. Its not a action its a comedy. So if you want to laugh your head off at the cheepest and worst action movie this is the movie.

Reviewed by HaemovoreRex 6 /10

Watch out for the glove!

A bevy of curiously pot bellied actors (including an especially out of shape David Carradine) feature in this mildly enjoyable romp from the ever prolific, David A Prior. Well, first things first - it has to be said that this is cheap with a capital 'C' - and by gum, it shows! Nonetheless, as with most of Mr Priors other offerings, the fun factor here makes up for the budgetary shortcomings as we are treated to a plethora of shoot outs, fights and scenes featuring topless, gyrating dancers.....um.....OK. As other reviewers have quite rightly noted, the doubtless highlight in this though involves Carradine's robotic glove which is a pretty nifty bit of kit, for not only can it punch through solid doors and fire laser beams(!) but it is also fully, independently operational via a remote control(!) (a control which bears an uncanny similarity to one of those used to open an electronic garage door in fact.....) Suffice to say that you can not really say to have lived until you have witnessed the bloody thing flying through the air and attacking someone!

Yes indeed, this is simple, daft fun and will go down a joyous treat with friends over and a large amount of alcohol.

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