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The Prayer List





Adopted Olympic Taekwondo hopeful, Michele Neil can't get a break in life. Her Father's accident leaves the family desperate to find ways to make ends meet. At one point, while training for the Olympics, Michele is homeless, living out of her car for over a year trying to help her family and make her dream come true. But one misfortune after another, finally has Michele questioning her faith, not realizing God is guiding her toward her true calling. See for yourself in this behind the scenes interview.


Stevie Fernandez


Kelsey LaCourse
as Michele Neil
Sarah Ehambe
as Jesse Maid of Honor
Svetlana Simmons
as Dr. Michele Neil
K.C. Lupp
as Jim the Best Man

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Reviewed by scottdendale 10 /10

Keep those Tulsa made films coming

Lisandro Boccacci is an excellent actor, would love to see him in more things!

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