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The Final Quarter


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Adam Goodes was a champion AFL footballer and Indigenous leader. In the final years of his career, the cheers turned to boos. Using archival footage only, this film reveals the incidents that provoked heated media commentary and divided the nation. Coming in 2019. —shark island productions


Ian Darling


Adam Goodes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mminnett 10 /10

A film made with great passion

What happened to Adam Goodes is shameful, An uncomfortable film to watch but oh so important.

Reviewed by edhart08 10 /10


Very hard to watch in places as this great Australian Athlete was vilified and booed over years at the hands of AFL Spectators and Dumb and Dumber ''Commentators'' like Eddie McGuire, Sam Newman and Andrew Bolt plus the likes of Miranda Devine from The Daily Telegraph. This 75 minute Doco should be shown at all schools and Sporting Clubs in Australia.

Reviewed by acroghan67 10 /10

Heads should have rolled

There are some media personalities that, editing for effect notwithstanding, should have lost their jobs. Watch it and you'll see who the good guys and girls are. I hope, passionately, that this film is shown to school children and all adults alike and that it helps transform what is otherwise a great country.

We as Australians need to own the fact that we invaded this country and literally shot the indigenous population for sport, through ignorance and fear. And nothing has changed. Walled Ali has it banged to rights in this astounding documentary.

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