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Human Harvest


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The unspeakable Chinese practice of organ harvesting is exposed in this Peabody Award winning documentary. In the early 2000s doctors around the world began to notice large numbers of their patients flying to China for organ transplants. An organ was typically ready within a week. The availability and number of organs was baffling, until horrific stories began to leak out. It was rumoured that hospitals were harvesting live prisoners for their organs but could this actually be true? Human Harvest takes you through the international investigation led by Nobel Peace prize nominees that is shocking the world.


Leon Lee

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Reviewed by ZumbaConnoisseur 10 /10

A superbly well-spent hour

I didn't know what to expect, I just heard this was a must-see, so when the people on screen started telling their stories to paint the whole picture, my jaw just kept dropping further down and my eyes popped open! They must be so frustrated that the international community isn't doing more about this absolutely genocidal atrocity.

Funny, I didn't find it a heavy film even though it dealt with such a topic. A lot of docs leave you feeling in despair. Not this one. Makes it a good one to share. The filmmaker seemed to know how hard the facts would hit people and balanced the experience really well.

An amazing movie period.

Reviewed by YangDL 9 /10

Eye opening

Following the evidences and the witnesses, the film digs out a horrific hidden truth that is more dramatic than a fiction. I've heard of the illegal organ harvest in China but didn't know that's a systematic crime orchestrated by the Chinese government. The archive materials plus the recreation bring you to the crime scenes. One of the many goodies of the film is that it has access to a few patients who went to China to have the organ transplant operation. Their testimony echo the two Canadian investigators' findings, so that it makes the reasoning flawless. There is no lack of suspension and tension yet very touching. Highly recommend!

Reviewed by clanciai 10 /10

Important documentary about Chinese organ harvesting

I knew about this from the beginning, when information first started seeping out around 2006, and there has already been a number of documentaries made about it, but none so clearcut and objectively detached as this. This is no propaganda film but rather the contrary, a debunking of all Chinese propaganda, scientifically depriving the regime of China the ground it's standing on with every shred of credibility rendered null and void. At the same time it's like the revelation of an almost science fiction-like absurd reality, where all control has been lost.

Well, they started using fresh organs from a prisoner or two who would be executed anyway, it paid off, it proved practical and opportune, so they just continued, and gradually it grew into an industry; but in such a large country with the world's greatest population, when such a system is spread, it becomes impossible to fathom it and control it - it becomes a derailed monster of a Juggernaut, which in these proportions dwarfs the Holocaust system of Nazi Germany and even the Soviet Gulag archipelago.

Just one item of statistics is enough to give an overwhelming picture of the whole thing: according to recent statistics, there are between 60,000 and 100,000 organ transplantation operations being performed every year, but approximately ten such operations are needed before the organ works in the new body, which means that about ten organs are wasted for each operation, but every organ comes from a live body, that is sacrificed, mainly of Falun Gong practitioners locked up in hospitals and concentration camps, or Tibetans, or Uighurs, or Christians, or Buddhists or Taoists or anyone with a spiritual view of life, opposing the communist atheist materialistic ideology of the regime. It could be the worst case of inhumanity in history, and it has accelerated ever since it started.

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