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The Candy Snatchers


Crime / Horror / Thriller



A mute, autistic boy stumbles upon a teenage girl who has been kidnapped and buried alive by three young psychopathic criminals intent on extorting diamonds from her rich stepfather.


Guerdon Trueblood

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Reviewed by shaun j 8 /10

a classic of 70's obscurity

This is one film that unfortunately seems to be doomed to obscurity. However, it is a goodie, albeit a nasty one. Poor Candy is kidnapped by three losers, who are involved with incest, drugs, murder, rape, and now kidnapping! This film is very lurid and sleazy (as many 'gone' '70's films were), yet has a great plot involving a number of fun twists, and is well acted. Parts of the film are clear precursors to Tarantino (ie Reservoir Dogs), and David Lynch (the idea of the family being the source of anxiety and horror). Little Sean's mother could have easily fitted into 'Twin Peaks'. Worth hunting this one out.

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 9 /10

Textbook example of great exploitation film-making

Thanks to an excellent, unpredictable script, this has all the hallmarks of a winner -- great acting, tight direction, solid cinematography, sharp editing and a sleazy, disturbing tone; it is a textbook example of how to make a great exploitation film.

The screenplay is always the primary ingredient of any successful film, and Bryan Gindoff's screenplay for "The Candy Snatchers" does so many things right. For starters, the set-up (a schoolgirl named Candy is snatched) comes quickly and the motivation behind the set-up (a ransom) is conveyed clearly. The main characters (a reprehensible trio) are well defined from the outset and Gindoff works hard throughout the story to give us interesting tidbits about them. But where the screenplay really shines is in its unpredictability. We think it's taking us in one direction, but it drops some great dramatic bombs at key points that nobody sees coming. Director Guerdon Trueblood keeps everything hopping and keeps his focus on the characters...and boy!, are these characters slimy.

Ben Piazza is truly, sickeningly convincing as a businessman forced into what looks like an unwinnable situation. How he extricates himself out of this dilemma is a pleasure to behold. Ditto the members of the trio (Tiffany Bolling, Brad David and Vince Martorano), a disloyal, bickering bunch who eventually manifest extremely convincing strengths and weaknesses that may or may not save their skins. A special mention should also go to a young lad credited as "Christophe". Playing the abused son of a pill-popping nutbag mother, he is the only person who knows of Candy's whereabouts and launches a solo campaign to save her -- his way! "His way", of course, makes for great drama because the lad can't speak and is being compromised at every turn by his mother.

The film is violent, nasty and even throws a rape into its sociopathic brew. Robert Maxwell's cinematography is sharp, colorful and moody and Richard Greer's edit is tight and lean.

Everything you need to know about making a great exploitation film is up on the screen, as is a riveting, fascinating thriller.

You'll get a real kick out of the ending, too.

Reviewed by preppy-3 7 /10

Well-done grindhouse film

16 year old Candy Philips (played by 21 year old Susan Sennett) is kidnapped by a group of psychos--Jessie (Tiffany Bolling), REAL sick Alan (Brad David) and Eddy (Vincent Martorano). They contact her father and demand jewels in return for her...but her dad won't do it. Things unravel completely from there. There's also a subplot about an autistic child being verbally and physically abused by his mom.

This is clearly not for everybody. it was a complete ripoff of "Last House on the Left" but it's much better than that film. "Last" was sick, disgusting and badly made. "Candy" is sick but not as vicious or cruel as "Last". Also it's MUCH better made. It has a good script with many twists and turns, all the acting is good (especially by Bolling and Martorano) and the last 10 minutes or so go barreling out of control. This is unique in there's not one likable character in it...even Candy got on my nerves! It's disturbing and sometimes brutal but a very good grindhouse film. I give it a 7.

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