A Dark Foe (2020) torrent download

A Dark Foe


Crime / Drama / Horror



A guilt-ridden FBI agent, stranded in the painful memory of the abduction of his sister, suffers from a rare condition known as Nyctophobia, an irrational fear of the dark, and will have to face-off with the cunning serial killer who took her away.


Maria Gabriela Cardenas


Oscar Cardenas
as Tony Cruz
Kenzie Dalton
as Rebecca Crawford
Selma Blair
as Dr. Doris Baxter
Graham Greene
as The Cradle
Glenn Morshower
as Special Agent Stewart
Tokala Black Elk
as Young Cradle

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markhappyboy 3 /10


This movie is just simply awful, absolutely awful!

Some scenes are so bad there are at least unintentional laughs, watch it though, It's a fine example of how not to make a film.

Reviewed by zmaksimovski 3 /10

Just no

Seems strange... No effort from the actors... like low budget movie with more expensive cast. Just no.

Reviewed by milac-65505 10 /10

Great thriller!

I loved this movie! Feels good to comeback to theaters after such a long time and finding this rare gem!

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