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Off the beautiful beaches, among breathtaking coral reefs of Australia lurks a deadly and indiscriminate killer. It's thirst for blood kills 1000s each and every year. It's not sharks. It's the Government Shark Control Program.


Andrea Borella

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Reviewed by urluvedevr52 10 /10

Shark Culling needs to stop.

If you're a shark lover or just an ocean marine life lover like myself then this documentary will really upset you. Australia is one of the only countries in the modern world to still be using the archaic system of using nets and or drum lines to entangle, trap and eventually kill sharks. Although it's original intention is to kill sharks it is not only sharks they are killing. These methods are also killing turtles, stingrays, whales and dolphins. Devolved in the 1930's these methods are out of date with the technology we have available to us today. Millions of sharks are killed by humans each year and sharks kill ten or less people each year. Many shark species are endangered and they need our protection. Without sharks in our worlds oceans our world here on land will cease to be the same. We need to protect sharks and every other creature living in the ocean to our best ability. Sharks have been around for 450 million years and we need them in order for our species to survive, we need them for the future of this planet. I hope we can someday live in harmony with these beautiful and majestic creatures, if not we're all doomed....

Reviewed by stlcardsjordan 10 /10

Be their Envoy!

I live in America and had no idea that one of the most important places to the survival of sharks has been mass murdering them for years. It's time people understood if you get in the water expect to see sharks, just like if you go the Serengeti you expect to see lions. The water is the sharks home, you are just a visitor, respect that or don't go in the water. Please watch this movie and sign the petition like me and so many others have!

Reviewed by xkwkdyhyhy 10 /10


I watched this documentary with my 8 yr old son, we cried so much! All the poor animals that are in these called "people first nets" is absolutely sad! Australia has some the most amazing conservationists on the planet! I grew up watching Steve Irwin and he taught me that ALL animals have a purpose on this planet! People entered animals environments and took away so much from animals already! We can't live in the ocean, we can't breath underwater with oxygen tanks and masks, we don't need the ocean away from marine life! If you love marine life or even if you don't this is a must watch movie/ documentary!!!!

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