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Invasion Planet Earth


Action / Adventure / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi



After the death of his young daughter, Thomas Dunn is a man who has lost his faith. His life has crumbled and his confidence is shattered. Yet, on this day he wakes to discover that Mandy, his loving wife is finally pregnant again. Maybe this is their chance to move away from the tragedy of the past and for him to find his faith again. But also on this day a large alien mother-ship appears in the heavens and the people of earth are suddenly plagued with visions about the end of civilization. Tom and Mandy are split up as the mother-ship launches a massive alien fleet which attack the towns and cities of earth. Tom must look deep within himself to find not just his faith but the wisdom and strength to save the human race from the horrors that threaten them. However, first he must find Mandy, as he discovers that their new baby holds the key to the future of mankind. The battle lines are drawn and the final stance for Earth is about to begin.


Simon Cox


Simon Haycock
as Thomas Dunn
Lucy Drive
as Mandy Dunn
Julie Hoult
as Harriet

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chris-253-473879 9 /10

If you live in glass houses...

A friend of mine's early films were so bad he even received death threats. So, mere apathy, despair and disgust bode well... My pal went on to make the hit '47 Meters Down' Shark movies... it took him at least half a dozen tries before he got there. Give Simon time...

I watched this film and at first I was uneasy but I knew the budget was almost zero and so I chilled and watched it for its merits. Suddenly I saw the humour, the Flash Gordon of the 1936 era... the Italian sci fi spaghettis of the '70's... and tv shows with rapid fire dialogues like the Tomorrow People... and Blake's Seven.

This film is the most unpretentious flick you'll ever see. I can't imagine shooting bits over a decade and stitching it together... the cardboard cutout Eighties style of vfx reminded me of the television productions of my youth, especially the early Dr Who's.

The story was actually very clever. I believe that the director wanted to produce the kind of film (made for children- but with adult twists) so that one would be reminded of the films (some of which we genuinely hated too) of our childhood... and I think it worked. It was a quirky unusual first attempt... but you'll never forget it... no matter how hard some of you might try! Lol. It's entrenched in your brain. I bet you think about it quite often?

Lighten up... watch it again. You think you can do better with the same constraints? Prove it... Have a go.

I really enjoyed it. Congratulations Simon Cox and team... looking forward to the sequel. :-)

Reviewed by momentsoffilm 9 /10

A fantastic British adventure!

It's lovely to see a big adventurous Sci-Fi film with a British bent. So many these days are big Hollywood budget with American stories or British stories retold in America and that's great but it's also nice that people are still making home grown Sci-Fi and what the film lacks in big budget polish it makes up for in genuine heartfelt story. I wish there were more like this.

Reviewed by eleanor-piper 9 /10

Excellent mind twisting science fiction.

I really enjoyed this zero budget film. Simon Cox has created a film that takes a bit of thought and consideration...the same way you have to get a little deeper into Dark City, or Jacob's Ladder. (The best film of this kind was Arrival in my opinion.) If you like science fiction that you have to turn your brain on for, this one will be for you. Considering the budget, this film was truly something special. The effects were excellent. The sound track was excellent. And the story was great. But I like twisty convoluted films...a lot of people don't. If you liked Interstellar, you'll like this one.

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