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Drama / Romance



The film is around 1972 setting and is about Singha and Mituna's endless love for each other. The film starts with the present and goes back to the past of their high school days.

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Reviewed by arief_spekta 8 /10

Friendship and romance. I love it!

The film 'Friendship' tells how great friendship in our lives, especially during high school. Friendship and romance in separate containers in the packaging but still kept in touch and i love it. Friendship is coupled with pretty good romance. Actors also have a very strong character. Many scenes are touching and it is a plus from me. The film also added a few elements of humor so I'm not bored. There are several scenes that show social values​​, there is also displayed 'delinquency' teens. This is normal and is often encountered in school life. This movie reminded me how good friendships established in high school. I feel played a role in the film. Therefore, I gave a rating of 8 / 10.

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