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Racket Girls


Action / Crime / Drama



Scalli is a gangster who manages women wrestlers as a front for his bookmaking, drug, and prostitution rackets. He trusts the wrong people and ends up trying to run away from both the police and mysterious mob boss Mr. Big, to whom he owes $35,000. This film features real-life wrestlers Peaches Page, Clara Mortensen (world champion wrestler), and Rita Martinez (champion of Mexico). —Vance Kochenderfer


Robert C. Dertano


Timothy Farrell
as Umberto Scalli
Peaches Page
as 'Peaches' Page
Clara Mortensen
as Clara Mortensen, World Champion
Rita Martínez
as Rita Martinez, Champion of Mexico
Muriel Gardner
as Ruby McKenzie
Don Ferrara
as Joe the Jockey
Matt Douglas
as Ronnie, a Mobster

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by byght 1 /10

Magnificent, just magnificent

There couldn't be more perfect MST3K fodder if Mike and the Bots directed it themselves. Lame and directionless plot, unapologetic and endless reuse of footage, molasses-in-January pacing, production values that would make Roger Corman wince, gratuitous sexuality from intensely unsexy women, ultra-doofy characters...oh yeah, and it's a SPECIAL INTEREST PICTURE ABOUT WOMEN'S WRESTLING IN THE FIFTIES.

Well, at least it starts that way. You will catch nary a glimpse of dull-witted, mammoth-chested "protagonist" (the movie doesn't really have one) wrestler Peaches in the closing act, as the screenplay (like a rambling, senile old man) has decided to focus its attention on the sleazy promoter and his downfall at the hands of a gangster scintillatingly named "Mr. Big." Thus, the film degenerates from campy fiftiesdom into grade-Z noir.

I bestow upon this picture the greatest of all honors--a 1 out of 10. Plenty of schlocky black-and-white pictures get compared to the illustrious Ed Wood's work--this is the rare one that actually merits the comparison. It's pure gold.

Reviewed by editguy 6 /10

"Maybe I'm crazy!" "It helps a little..."

One of the best MST3K send-ups of all time. It's hard to imagine a movie more primed for satire.

It's all there: the ineffective hoods, the Michael Stipe lookalike; the short, ethnic sidekick; "Monk", who gets off some killer lines when he's not coked-up, and of course Peaches, the disturbingly Amazonian wrestler with a room-temperature IQ and the build of a Greyhound bus.

Check out Rita Martinez doing a killer Gilda Radner imitation, as she declares in a pre-NAFTA time, "You theenk you can take advantage of me because I am Mexican!" Well, her agent clearly did.

As the ad copy usually says, "It's an experience you'll want to watch again and again!" And you will - laughter is truly the best medicine.

Reviewed by marcslope N/A

"When Ed Wood saw this movie, it's like when Truffaut saw 'Citizen Kane'!"

And there you have it, in one of the choicer remarks from the MST3K version, one of their proudest moments. (God, I miss them.) A bad movie that opens up the possibilities of bad movie-making to other bad movie makers, featuring large-breasted but decidedly unsexy female wrestlers stranded amid a ridiculous sports-crime milieu. Timothy Farrell, the lead, was in fact a member of Wood's stock company, and his performance is actually one of the movie's more professional -- though Muriel Gardner, as his hard-bitten secretary, actually manages to get something like a performance going, and Peaches Page, a real-life wrestler, at least seems like a nice lady. With stock footage, stock music, and even inept camera setups, it would be a laughfest even without the MST commentary, but their bon mots transform it into something special. As Crow opines during an endless scene of a large-breasted female wrestler throwing a ball over and over: "This movie is refreshingly itself."

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