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Comedy / Sport



Five years ago, veteran driver Zhang Chi was suspended for illegal racing. When he returned to the game, he found himself starting all over again. After some difficulties, he and his car appeared again on the Bayinbrooke circuit. However, because of an accident, his life ended on the track.


Han Han


Shen Teng
as Zhang Chi
Johnny Huang
as Lin Zhendong
Yin Zheng
as Sun Yuqiang
Winston Chao
as Wan Heping
Tian Yu
as Driving school coach
Yin Fang
as Hong Kuo
Zhang Benyu
as Ji Xing

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anthonyshi-74451 9 /10


I really like it. Campare to other Hang hang movie. This one's quite different. It can be a change point of his style, but in a good way. Also really like Teng Shen's performance!

Reviewed by TheBigSick N/A

The best Han Han film to date

As a sport movie, the racing sequences in this Pegasus are ways worse than those in Ron Howard's Rush. But at the very least, this is more like a film, with convincing plot and editing, compared to Han Han's first two pieces. Han Han takes a scattershot approach on a very cliched subject. Surprisingly, he hits some of his targets and avoids the typical pitfalls. Shen Teng has the magic of turning every film into Shen Teng-esque, and here he does it again.

Reviewed by zhaochunliu 10 /10

Great movie, worth recommending

Han Han's decades of masterpieces, full of content, outstanding characters and plots, excellent shooting of music and racing cars,

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