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Ka Pae Ranasingam





The story is about politics surrounding land and the plight of farmers. It showed Vijay helping poor farmers in their fight against the industries that have acquired their lands.


P. Virumandi


Aishwarya Rajesh
as Ariyanachi
Vijay Sethupathi
as Ranasingam
Rangaraj Pandey
as Collector Thamizhkumaran
as Ranasingam's friend
Bhavani Sre
as Maayaveni
Vela Ramamoorthy
as Tirukannan, Ariyanachi's father
'Poo' Ram
as Ranasingam's father

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sdw_kng 8 /10

This is what A Commercial Cinema Should Aim for

Aishwarya Rajesh shines in this movie, the first 15 minutes and last 5 minutes of the movie is so haunting that i had nightmares thinking about it, the visuals were so powerful, that the last frame never left my mind, it shows people and politicians of all different colours, not every character is either black and white but have grey areas in their personality, it shows the problem is systematic that everyone of us plays a part, this movie is a slow burner and it had its flaws but overall a strong movie, the cast and the director really done a great job, this is as close to reality a commercial movie can get, it doesn't show a solution to the problem like every other social message movie, it only showed a great amount of social evil in our society

Reviewed by balaauto-30553 10 /10

Heart touching movie

It is very fantastic movie Aishwarya Rajesh once again proved his acting. Dialogue and screen place very good

Reviewed by ajaylaxman-val N/A

Only if it was an hour shorter it would have been a masterpiece

If this film was 2 hrs long, with less love scenes and accepting Aishwarya Rajesh as the main protagonist, it would have been another Aram(2017). Even though this film starts saying that it is based on a True story, we forget it 20 minutes into the film, because of the commercial elements and because of that it was hard to accept what happens later. Since this is a online streaming film you can choose to skip the scenes you think is unwanted. I loved the twist and turns which is unusual for an indian film. Hats off to the writer for selecting this story. Only if the writing was short and crisp, Kanavan Peyar Ranasingam would have been a masterpiece. I am still happy that this film was made and it makes me want more films in the Aishwarya Rajesh, Vijay Sedupathi combo. This film is hard-hitting and will leave you shaken. Definitely a great experience.

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