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Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi



Hong Kong's answer to George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead. A soft drink tainted with "Iraqi bio-chemicals" has the power to turn people into flesh-eating zombies. Gangsters smuggle it into HK, only to become instant zombie prey. One of the gang escapes with the bottle, but is run over by two young VCD sellers and wannabe petty criminals (Woody Invincible and Crazy Bee) returning to their mall shop in their bosses' car. Trying to revive him, they give him a drink of what they think is Lucosade. With him seemingly dead and unsure of what to do, they bring the corpse back to the mall with them in the boot of their car. They make the mistake of leaving the boot open. And, pretty soon, the mall is crawling with zombies. The odd couple and a bunch of other mall employees have to bond together to try and fight their way out. —jon/dica , corrected by Matt


Wilson Yip


Jordan Chan
as Woody Invincible
Sam Lee
as Crazy Bee (as Chan Sum Lee)
Yiu-Cheung Lai
as Kui (as Yiu Cheung Lai)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by InzyWimzy 10 /10

The Undead and a whole lotta fun!!

Having recently gotten into the asian horror genre, I finally had a chance to watch this movie. Bio Zombie is original in the way it blends comedy, horror, action.....and it works!!

I really liked the transition the film. When you meet Woody Invincible and Crazy Bee, they are far from winning any moral awards. This provides so much humor especially their "tough" guy personas, so you naturally take a liking to the two. Follow that with crossing paths with a couple of gals including hottie babe Rolls, and you have really funny moments!! The way director Wilson Yip progresses the story, you find out about the characters and then he adds the deadly biochemical plot which takes the film to another level. It's not a horror film having you shut your eyes or watch through the cracks of your fingers, but you find yourself drawn into the story following the plight of our unlikely heroes.

VERY good chemistry between the cast. Jordan Lee (Woody) and Sam Lee (Bee) really seem like two buddies who get into all sort of trouble. Their personalities, facial expressions, mannerisms are all assets to their respective characters. Angela Tong Ying-Ying (Rolls) is good as well and flaunts her sex appeal very well! The bathroom scenes with her and Woody are hilarious! Even the Sushi guy plays a vital part!

Credit goes to Yip for giving a shopping mall a very unique and creepy look due to great cinematography. As more and more zombies appear, the twist from comedic entertainment shifts to "struggle to survive" entertainment. The great thing is this film doesn't take itself too seriously and it looks like they had a lot of fun shooting this film. Trust me, you'll have fun seeing it too.

Reviewed by tinchimp 8 /10

Rare Little Gem

Although not the standard zombie splat-fest which i had hoped for, I've gotta say I totally enjoyed this quirky little flick. Apparently made on a shoestring, the whacked out, neon dripping, Plaza setting offers an almost halucinatory overtone to the proceedings. The story throws a small group of young HK shopkeepers into a siege by the undead. Kind of plays as a combination of DOTD and Night of the demons, helped by a heavy dose of HK youth culture and comedy, very reminiscent of that in other HK comedy-horrors (Mr Vampire springs to mind.) Despite wanting a bloodbath, I couldn't help but to appreciate it for what it is - entertainment.

By no means up there with DOTD, The Beyond or any other of the slew of late 70's early 80's zombie cannibal chunk blowers - but still, more than enough of a breath of fetid air to keep zombie fans ticking over. To summarize - Great 90 mins worth. Not taxing on the mind. Entertaining characters (great subs!). But if you want gore - it's back to an umpteenth viewing of "The Beyond"... Well worth seeking out if you're looking for something different. Well, I liked it anyway...

Reviewed by cornjob-2 N/A

Don't expect horror...

Should this movie be described as a Hong Kong take on Dawn of the Dead? No. Return of the Living Dead? No, certainly not. Mallrats with zombies? Sounds better.

The point of this movie is not to provide stark raving terror, deep social commentary, or five gallons of blood per second. This movie is fun. Follow the lives of a pair of small-time punks running a VCD shop, the likable Crazy Bee and the incredibly named Woody Invincible, as they try to get their boss's car and end up accidentally unleashing a zombie plague. Oops. But even before the first zombie shows up, the duo has gotten into some amusing scrapes and got out of them with bluster that for once is not unlikable. They may be jerks, but at least their the kind of jerks you can see yourself hanging out with.

When the zombies show up, the movie stays focused on Woody and Bee. It seems so wrong to say that this movie is character driven, but it is. Not it a dramatic sense, but in the sense that the characters and not the zombies are the main focus of the movie. That surprisingly doesn't hurt the film, as the interactions are definetly between our heroic duo and the zombies are generally amusing.

But the movie knows when to get serious. The last ten minutes or so switch from humor to seriousness (save one speech from Bee) suddenly and yet without missing a step. The last ten minutes seem to come from a "real" zombie movie and are filled with emotion and pathos. It's kind of startling, but it also fits.

All in all, I definetly recommend this movie. It is one of my favorites. Just go in expecting humor. Heck, it's best to go into the movie not knowing anything about it.

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