Room 9 (2021) torrent download

Room 9


Drama / Horror / Thriller



Life altering sins of the past revisit modern day lost souls in a small town...40 years later.


Thomas Walton


Kane Hodder
as Beau Johnson
Michael Berryman
as Jeff Bedford
Tony Devon
as Det. Michael Dakota
Michael Emery
as Jason Johnson

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by umjetnik_david-1 1 /10

13 minutes of opening credits...

Not much to say, terrible editing, filters and effects all over the place, skip this one...

Reviewed by raiderljh 1 /10

Complete Garbage

Felt like I was watching a first time college student film. Terrible editing, story & script. Looks like it was edited using free trails of programs. Alot of stock editing filters and transitions. They may have used the same clip of "weapon" over 50 times. Very hard to even watch. This is definitely a pass!

Reviewed by IzzyMaeDoorite 1 /10

Room 9 (9 as for suicide attempts' number after watching it)

I don't think Thomas Walton aka director-writer-producer-cinematographer had ever seen an actual movie. Like, any movie. I suppose he also traveled all across the globe to find people who have no clue what a movie is. Except for the actors. He had found a bunch of real experienced actors so he could promote the result, saying "hey, we got Laurie Strode and Jason Voorhees and that weird dude from The Hills Have Eyes, come and watch them". If you, much like me, came to see Scout Taylor-Compton, you will have to live through the worst 66 minutes in your life. And trust me, it doesn't get any better.

It might be hard to believe but there are bigger flaws in Room 9 than its editing and acting. The worst thing is the script. It feels like there were a several short films that were eventually combined into the Frankenstein's monster about people getting murdered for no reason. It's alright if you're not gonna be able to retell the plot after watching because there's no plot. And if you're willing to spend hour and a half on something useless, just read this review about 50 times or watch the paint dry. I assure you, it'll be much less painful that trying to make it through Room 9 and save your sanity.

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