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The Girl Who Wore Freedom





Discover the untold stories of D-Day from the men, women, and children who lived through German occupation and Allied liberation of Normandy, France. Powerful and deeply personal, THE GIRL WHO WORE FREEDOM tells the stories of an America that lived its values, instilling a pride in country that is in danger of becoming a relic of the past.


Christian Taylor

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Reviewed by dave_vogel_1 5 /10

"in danger of becoming.." ?!

Um, lets be honest, that ship sailed decades ago. The best generation and all that went with it has nearly left the building. Clearly 2020/21 proves its a lost cause.

Reviewed by juliahbrunett99 10 /10

Phenomenal WWII Documentary

This was such a great World War II documentary! It was so impactful to hear all of the stories from the people who experienced D-Day firsthand (from the French children in Normandy, to the American GI veterans & many more!) and to learn about this part of history that it not often understood in the U. S. So grateful to Christian and to the whole production team who brought all of this together to create a beautiful and moving documentary about the power of sacrifice and forgiveness.

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