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Andrew Santino: Home Field Advantage





Comedian Andrew Santino performs his first Showtime stand-up comedy special at Vic Theatre in front of his hometown of Chicago.


Brandon Dermer


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Reviewed by chewywater-707-400701 4 /10

I KNOW Andrew is funnier than this. What happened?

I've seen Andrew being WAY funnier than this, improvising endless jokes on podcasts like tigerbelly, jokes that make me laugh from the gut. I don't understand how someone with such an excellent sense of humor can create a special that's not funny.

The ideas here are light and silly, but the delivery is serious and drawn-out, like he's dropping really heavy stuff. Weird.

Reviewed by derekobrien1978-712-549551 8 /10

Loved it

Very surprised to see such a poor rating for this special. I think Santino killed.

Reviewed by danxo 1 /10

zero stars, and nothing funny

Honestly, we do not know where Andrew came from (he says he is from "chicago", Ill.) but as a stand up comic, he needs plenty of schooling. Maybe he can get advice from Ben Gleib or even Mo Mandel, but his comic antics just STINK.

Being a stand up comic, one thing you do not do - and that is trash the less fortunate, males in general, and people that live in the streets. If you are a guy, and you trash your gender, well, that speaks volumes of yourself. Trashing the homeless is outright antagonizing and reflects pure hate for the less fortunate. Get some therapy Andrew, or go to school to learn how to make people laugh - not throw up.

Daniel James Tyler (The WaltersJudsonGroup).

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