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The premise behind Better Left Unsaid, lies in the unconfined analysis of the often violent extremism of today's Western political landscape. As liberal democracy becomes increasingly challenged in the West, we expose the dangerous tactics employed by the radical-left and far-right, alike. In a world where political polarization frames the way in which we live, a new path forward of unity is needed more than ever before. The value of the film lies in its impact, brevity and digestibility - as we confront the philosophical underpinnings of the radical left and their extreme right counterpart.

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Reviewed by knight_sky_la 10 /10

Danger on the Left - A triumph!

A phenomenal triumph! An artistic and erudite portrait of a rising ideological leitmotif gripping the planet. This would play well in theaters but is absolutely a must watch on demand.

Not to be missed.

To be savored.

Reviewed by neonthrush 10 /10

A Must Watch!

Curt jaimungal's film Better Left Unsaid is a gripping analysis of our growing modern political polarization, and an exploration of how we got here.

Curt takes his audience through his journey of discovering how and when the modern left goes too far, and why reasoned debate has never been more important. The film documents the growing revolt against enlightenment ideals permiating politics, media and academia, and outlines the societal implications of our post-truth era.

Better Left Unsaid is masterful rebuke of radicalism, and an appeal to sense-making in a time of growing division and conflict. A must watch.

Reviewed by nancy-hildebrandt 10 /10

An entertaining but very important documentary

I've been waiting to see this documentary...and now that I've seen it, it's living with me. There's much more depth than I can absorb in one sitting.

Curt Jaimungal speaks fluent Wokese and is an excellent interpreter. He addresses this partial list of questions in his unique approach:

  • Why does everything has to be political now?

  • Why are we now compulsively assigned to race and gender buckets?

  • Why are Leftist rioting and violence not only condoned but encouraged?

  • Why have terms like racism and gender been redefined so we can't communicate ideas that can be understood by others?

  • Where did all this came from, not just in the US but in many Western countries?

  • Is there a way we can come back together?

Mr. Jaimungal gives the most thorough explanation of Left (and Right) extremism that I've yet come across, with clips from experts to illustrate his points, plus many other imaginative clips, visual effects, and humor that kept me engrossed.

As much as I love this film, will it change minds? The most important part of the documentary is the review of worldwide government-backed atrocities committed in the name of "oppression" and tribalism. Many of us (including me) want to stick our heads in the sand and have faith that everything will come back into balance eventually. Well, now I see the wagon is already careening down the hill with us in it. When will we wake up and see what's coming?

Mr. Jaimungal, you had me sitting on the edge of my seat for an hour and a half. I will continue to follow you closely and will be interested in anything you have to say.

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