Radha (Naga Chaitanya) and Krishna (Samantha) are a married couple with a kid Bittu in early 1980's. They die in an accident. Bittu (Nagarjuna) grows up and happens to see reincarnation of his father and his mother as youngsters. The rest of the story is all about how Bittu tries to unite these two youngsters. And there is another twist in the tale for which you must watch the movie on the big screen!


Vikram Kumar


Nagarjuna Akkineni
as Nageswar Rao / Seetharamudu / Bittu
Naga Chaitanya Akkineni
as Nagarjuna / Radha Mohan
Shriya Saran
as Rama Lakshmi / Anjali
Samantha Akkineni
as Krishna Veni / Priya
as Girish Karnad
as Leonardo DiCaprio

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tejax7 9 /10

Heartwarming, engaging and above all, an endearing film about love and relationships

This is truly a marvelous effort by the Akkineni Family - a movie that, in coming times, will be fondly remembered for its ingenuity, depth and substance.

The storyline is not your typical run-of-the-mill type. It is unconventional, demanding and views family relationships from a new, different level. This is a movie about Children, their Parents and the strong bonds between them. It sends out a powerful message that Love lasts forever, and will bring people together, even though certain events have torn them apart.

Coming to the performances - in my opinion, everyone played their respective parts very well. Samantha has a pivotal role and she doesn't disappoint. It's a cakewalk for Nagarjuna and ANR - the versatile actors that they are, they excel in all their scenes. And yes, even Shreya has a good role and she carries it out with much grace. The comedy scenes fit well in the movie - MSN, Ali have good roles, though I felt that Brahmanandam could have been given a little more screen time.

The background score is outstanding. The songs (except the dance number at the end) add a new dimension to the drama on screen - especially the flashback scenes.

The film holds all the elements together very well. You are totally immersed from beginning till end.

I thank the Akkineni family for this stellar contribution to Telugu Cinema, one which I'm certain the audience will whole-heartedly embrace and experience.

PS : *Watch out for the explosive entry of a new star at the end - one of the best entry scenes I have seen till date. You wonder if it's the same person you saw on screen in a totally different role two decades back.

Reviewed by chiranjivmalla 9 /10

Beautiful love story: Perfect Tribute to the Legendary ANR.

Manam: Its a perfect befitting farewell to ANR. Right from the first frame to end, Manam is a sure shot entertainer and it entertains you to the core. It is a beautiful and youthful love story that involves rebirth (cosmic balance) as well. What to say about Nag, right from the roles as industrialist, rich landlord and as poor farmer he had immersed perfectly in these roles and has done a impeccable job. He did these roles with so ease like the way he has done for annamayya, ramadasu & shirdi sai.He once again proved that he is a George Clooney of Tollywood.ANR's role is so pivotal in the movie, What can I say about him.100 years cinema History lo 70 years athanide. We should feel proud to have him. The scenes between, ANR, Nag & Chaitanya are the best ever I saw. From the time ANR brought the industry to Hyd to Nag taking it further on to a new age cinema, this is what I called a great Journey. The only sad thing is ANR is not alive to see all this celebration. Thank you Vikram Kumar for showing us entire Akkineni Family in a single frame. There is a standing Ovation at the end in the theater I saw, which I doubt ever happens for a tollywood film. PS Vinod's brilliant cinematography and Anup Rubens' background score are riveting. Lastly one thing I can say is a small, simple & perfect cameo, debut from Akhil AkKineni. #ANRLivesOn #Manam #DejaVu #KingIsBack.

Reviewed by bvswarupkumar 10 /10

Fitting Tribute to the LEGEND ANR

Just one word for the movie - Excellent way to give send off to a LEGEND. A Fitting TRIBUTE. Hats off to the 3 Pillars of the movie - Director, Music Director and Cinematographer. Thumbs Up: 1)ANR - NAG - Chaitanya Combo. 2)Samantha's cute performance. 3)Akhil's surprise entry 4)Music and Background Score 5)Cinematography 6)not the least and its the best of all Screenplay & Direction - Hats off. Thumbs Down: N/A It is hard to imagine such a plot and visualize it to the perfection. Manam has some magical moments throughout the film that will make you cheer the characters and their emotions. Romance is too cute and the chemistry between all the lead characters is impeccable. This is actually an emotional film, but the director dealt it in lighter vein and never missed the fun. My Verdict - Masterpiece at it's best

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