The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided (2006) torrent download

The Work and the Glory III: A House Divided


Drama / Western



Joshua Steed returns to Missouri a wealthy man with a beautiful wife; however, the past has a way of catching up. Soon Joshua is tangled in a web of rumors, deception and betrayal that threatens to tear his family apart. Back in Kirtland, financial trouble riddles the foundations of the fledgling Church causing a division, and questioning of the Prophet Joseph Smith's divine calling. Has he lost his prophetic gift? Hundreds of Saints immigrate to Missouri, where Governor Boggs raises an army - with Joshua at its head - to address the "Mormon Problem." When the militia receives orders to attack the Mormon settlement, only Joshua can save his family from the gathering mob. —Excel Entertainment Group


Sterling Van Wagenen


Sam Hennings
as Benjamin Steed
Brenda Strong
as Mary Ann Steed
Eric Johnson
as Joshua Steed
Alexander Carroll
as Nathan Steed
Brighton Hertford
as Melissa Steed
Julia Cunningham
as Rebecca Steed
Cody Sanders
as Matthew Steed

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by olsontd-1 8 /10

Condensed versions can be stellar

Given that I have not read any of the books upon which the Work and the Glory movies are based, I do not bring a pre-conceived measuring stick to the theatre. I have,however, seen all three movies and thought this one was well-directed. The main characters were flesh and blood and not one dimensional. I enjoyed being given a window into the lives of the characters. I thought the story moved along without condescending dialog and the audience was respected enough to be allowed to put two and two together numerous times. I agree with some others that Joseph's role was too slight in this one. However, the only caricatures I saw were in some of the mobbers. Some of the resolutions were a bit swift, but were better for me than if they had been drawn out and over-dramatized. Of particular quality in acting were Sam Hennings, Eric Johnson and Meredith Salenger.

Reviewed by blue-7 10 /10

Moving Conclusion to Series

"The Work & the Glory: A House Divided" is a wonderful conclusion to the three films based on Gerald Lund's inspiring set of books. While one could wish that the series would continue, it is nice to have the the three films made conclude at a strong point for the fictional Steed family depicted. The three parts make for a marvelous canvas on which to paint a portrait of a good family torn apart by the forth-coming of the restoration of Christ's Church. This film shows the necessity of forgiveness and its power in healing. As in the other films, the characterization of Joseph Smith and other historical figures is outstanding. Well worth seeing in a theatre--and certainly a great DVD to own! Too bad that EXCEL didn't provide a commentary track for this one.

Reviewed by sidunrau 7 /10

Moving in parts, but not dramatic enough

(Warning: MILD spoilers) I loved the character development in this movie. Unfortunately, the historical events depicted were VERY Luke-warm in their presentation. The most disappointing scene was of the Kirtland Temple dedication. The event was amazing for those who experienced it - and even some saw angels and others, outside the building, thought the building was on fire because of the glow. But in the movie there was nothing but mediocre singing with a voice-over of the Prophet reciting part of the prayer; very ho-hum.

Some of the effects were lousy due to the low budget (night scenes shot in the daytime, for example).

Overall, the story is excellent and it is an uplifting beautiful work; just not as polished or powerful as I would have hoped.

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