The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (2014) torrent download

The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow


Animation / Comedy / Family



An adventure by Il-ho the Satellite Girl and a shy cow to save the world from a black monster.


Yeon Sang-ho
as Playground Person / Passerby
Yoo Ah-in
as Ko Gyeong-cheon
Hwang Seok-jeong
as Witch of the North
Chang Hyung-yun
as Black Dog / Passerby
Hong Deok-pyo
as Passerby

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hokeybutt-185-505448 10 /10

Absurd But Engaging!

Honestly, how can anyone not love a movie where Merlin the Magician is transformed into a magical roll of toilet paper? (He was sleeping in a tree, you see, and it was cut down and turned into various paper products.)

A run down satellite in space suddenly picks up the mournful singing of a broken-hearted young man and becomes obsessed. The satellite transforms itself into a young Astro Boy-ish girl robot and flies to Earth to save the boy, who has been changed into a milk cow and is being hunted by a giant incinerator AND a plunger-wielding maniac who wants to steal his liver! That's because the broken-hearted of the world are all transformed into farm animals and their livers are highly-prized because humans think eating them can transform them back to human (just a false rumour as it turns out). See? It all makes perfect sense!

Surreal as it all is, the story does have the emotional core of the relationship that develops between the "satellite girl" and the "milk cow". Just give in to the weirdness and you can't hlp but be charmed by this offbeat little masterpiece. Kid friendly? Oh, yeah! My three kids, ages 10, 7 and 6 were all swept up in the story, alternately thrilled, intrigued and teary-eyed.

An absolute winner!

Reviewed by wompeter 5 /10

Watch it just so you can say you've watched it

I don't think I've ever watched a movie that is more ridiculous than this one.

On the surface, the first 10 minutes could possibly rank as the most bizarre set of characters and plot devices ever put into film. A satellite "decides" to fall to earth after hearing a boy singing, and does so at the same time that Merlin, the magic roll of toilet paper, happens to be fighting a giant walking mechanical incinerator, and uses the satellite as a missile to temporarily defeat it. This transforms the satellite into a human girl shape. By doing so, Merlin saves a cow that was running away from the incinerator, because the incinerator is trying to incinerate all the humans with broken hearts that have turned into farm animals. The cow of course is the human boy that was singing in the first place.

It unfortunately doesn't get too much better after this, and slows down considerably. It also includes some very random and pointless characters that pop in and out, and the love story between the cow and the satellite girl is very forced, predictable and bland.

The signing is also terrible, and leaves you scratching your head as to why the satellite would even be remotely interested in it.

However, you should grab the popcorn and watch it just so you can say that you've seen what is probably one of the most absurd movies ever made.

Reviewed by swampmarsh 3 /10

Miyazaki ripoff with Shinkai-inspired imagery

This film tries so hard to have the fantastical wonder of a Ghibli feature as well as the stunning imagery commonly found in the works of Makoto Shinkai. From the design of the weird animal characters to the confusing and random nature of the plot, Satellite Girl and Milk Cow falls flat as a flaccid lump of derivative drivel.

The one-dimensional characters bumble along spewing generic, uninspired dialog while occasionally scuffling with an anthropomorphic incinerator and an unshaven organ harvester wielding a toilet plunger; all the while filling in the paint-by-numbers requirements for a romantic relationship reminiscent of a corny 80s sitcom.

From what I can tell, the overall plot is original. But this doesn't make the film any good.

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