Devoted to You (1986) torrent download

Devoted to You


Comedy / Drama / Romance



Jane, born in a lower-class family and neglected by her parents, becomes a rebellious girl. She enters a famous high school by personal relationship of her aunt. May, born in a rich family and spoiled by her parents, is very capricious. Isolated by her classmates, Jane keeps silent and swallow everything. Not until one day, when she rescued May, who has constantly saved Jane from being embarrassed in class, Jane shows her power and is greatly respected by May. After that, the two girls become friends. One day on street, May comes across Jacky, who comes back for holiday from Canada. They become close friends. Then May finds herself fall in love with Jacky, though she is informed he has a girl friend in Canada. At the last night of Jacky's stay in Hong Kong, they spend the night together romantically. Meanwhile, Jane meets Michael, a motorcyclist of the teddy-gang, and fall in love with each other quickly. Later when Michael is killed by the gangsters, Jane is desperate and finally ...


Clifton Ko Chi-Sum


Michael Wong
as Michael
May Lo
as May
Loletta Lee
as Jane Lee
Bill Tung
as TV race course comentator [cameo]