Sometimes They Come Back... for More (1998) torrent download

Sometimes They Come Back... for More


Horror / Mystery / Thriller



After all communication with a remote top secret U.S. military installation in Antarctica known as Ice Station Erebus is lost , Captain Sam Cage and Major Callie O'Grady are sent to investigate. What they find is Hell incarnate and unless they can somehow find a way to stop it, the world is doomed, literally.


Daniel Zelik Berk


Clayton Rohner
as Captain Sam Cage
Faith Ford
as Dr. Jennifer Wells
Max Perlich
as Lieutenant Brian Shebanski
Damian Chapa
as Dr. Carl Schilling
Chase Masterson
as Callie O'Grady

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 3 /10

Very weak horror film.

"Sometimes They Come Back...for More" is a fairly routine and forgettable horror film that offers literally nothing new.The first half is actually interesting,but after it the film goes quickly downhill.Two military officers(played by Clayton Rohner and Chase Masterson)set out to investigate a remote Antarctica based governmental outpost where a mysterious occurrence has killed crew members.The only survivors are a medical officer(Faith Ford)and a tech officer(Max Perlich).Before long,the bodies are discovered all over the place."Sometimes They Come Back...for More" has nothing to do with Stephen King's short story.The plot tries hard to surprise,but all its twists are pretty silly.There is only a little bit of suspense and gore,so I was disappointed.Give it a look,only if you want to see every horror film.4 out of 10.

Reviewed by damjan.strnad 2 /10

good start, terrible ending

I expected this movie to be something similar to The thing with Kurt Russel, which was a pretty good movie. Unfortunately the Ice station was degrading exponentially as it approached the end. Two sons of Satan meeting in the Antartics and playing around some pentagram altar is a bit below my taste of a good screenplay. It was a complete waste of money and time to see this movie, so I advise everyone to spend them somewhere else.

Reviewed by machine-13 N/A

Different and suspenseful

Ok, this wasn't a great movie, I've seen much better. But this did NOT deserve to make it on the worst 100 movies list. Fans of the first two movies might enjoy this. It's about two people from the military who are sent to a base in Antarctica to investigate some mysterious occurences. When they get there, they find two survivors in the base. The one soldier finds that a demon from his past resides here, and now the four must survive. First of all, the setting is great in this movie. It's desolate, moody, and a great place to stage a horror/thriller. I know, I know, it's a rip-off of The Thing, but it's still cool. The are some great moments of suspense in this movie. It falls apart a little towards the end, but is still enjoyable. Thankfully it doesn't go into slasher-movie-mode like the previous film. The villain on the other hand, is dull compared to the bad guys of the first two films. One thing I forgot to add in my review of the previous Sometimes They Come Back...Again was that at some points the villains' eyes would be like a cat's (with a slit for the pupils) which was very cool looking. In this movie, towards the end the bad guy's eyes just turn all black to show that he's evil. This is done with a computer, and ends up looking stupid and not threatening at all. Once again, this movie made a reference to the first two movies in the series. This I like, because it helps to join all three films together. This movie might be strictly just for fans of the Sometimes They Come Back series... but if you want an ok movie that has some suspense and a unique setting, give Sometimes They Come Back... For More a chance.

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