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The Highest Pass


Adventure / Biography / Documentary / Drama



Adam learns that his Yogi guru, Anand, has discovered a prophesy that was printed on his birth chart - he would die in an accident at the age of 27; and when Anand invites Adam to join him on a motorcycle journey through India's Himalayas, to the highest motorable road in the world, he faces the ultimate question: Is truly living worth dying for?

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Reviewed by joe-50-539736 5 /10

the message does not resonate with me

I just watched this film on KQED in the SF Bay Area. Sorry, but I was disappointed on two levels. First, I thought the "Manifest Destiny" attitude of Anand speeding through roads full of unsuspecting travelers (including children) was irresponsible. (Didn't one of the other riders say as much?) … Second, the film ended before the riders reached their destination. Was it a temple of sorts like Borobudur in Java? Was the reason for the journey just to say they rode the highest pass? … Also, a few of other riders seemed intimidated and/or bullied by Anand's will to press on. The scenic road was breathtaking for sure, but my perception of the human agenda was disconcerting. … These are my beliefs, so please don't discount how I feel with a snarky response.

Reviewed by pingram-162-873703 8 /10

A good adventure documentary!

A nice little documentary about a group of seemingly normal people taking on a task that is anything but normal. The start is a bit slow as the background is given for the characters and the stage is set for the actual journey. Once the journey begins though the movie is exactly what you would expect of it. Breathtaking back drops and some harrowing moments as the riders take to the roads of Northern India. What sets this apart from just being another adventure documentary however is the relationship each rider has with their teacher and guru Anand. This ultra modern Guru who messages on his I-phone while riding a bike turns this adventure into an inward look at what is holding us back from making our lives truly incredible. This movie has much more of a sense that it is average people with average skills than do other motorcycle adventures like 'Long Way Down' and 'Long Way Around' I thought this was a well shot and well told story of people taking on a trip that will change their lives.

Reviewed by cathys848 10 /10

Seven Story Mountain

I was blown away watching the trailers that preceded this extraordinary documentary.

Coming attractions included Bill Wilson who was advertised as being one of the most significant people in the twentieth century. This was followed by a personal interview of him talking about the unquenchable thirst that never goes away.

The next scene was the documentary "The Highest Pass" and the rich patina of India's landscape.

The motorcyclists' journey to the top of the Himalayas evoked images of Dante's Inferno or the seven story mountain experience which was a divine comedy of purgatory before entering Heaven.

I was struck by the genuine transparency of the riders and the ability to be vulnerable and receptive to being filmed while riding to the top.

The riders seemed like artists helping the audience to see anew the people, the places and even the self that you have been sleepwalking past your whole life.

I left feeling renewed and refreshed. Well done!

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