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In 2016, almost anyone you asked, or any poll you consulted, pointed you to a Hillary Clinton landslide. The Accidental President is a balanced feature documentary that is seeking to answer one question - How the hell did Donald Trump win?


James Fletcher

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Reviewed by sfmovingroovin 9 /10

The State of Our Political Culture

The pacing of this documentary moved well and kept me engaged. I thought this was well put together considering how much information they had to go thru to make this story. I cringed each time I see #45, after all it is about him and that's a fact. I wanted to see more (believe it or not). What I want to see more of is if he did come thru and help his so called voters. I want to see interviews and what he did to help them, like bring them jobs? This is a great documentary to open or continue a dialogue that will last for centuries as #45 has changed the political culture. I agree with someone who was interviewed who said, "We, the voters have to make a change in how debates are managed and addressed (I'm not saying this by verbatim) moving forward." I thought the editing and transitions of this documentary worked well with the soundtrack. I like the opening and ending of it too! Bravo to everyone on a job well done.

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