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A trans-racial adoptee finds her birth mother, and meets the rest of a family who did not know she existed, including her birth father. A story about identity, the complexities of trans-racial adoption, and most importantly, closure.


Bryan Tucker


Angela Tucker
as as herself

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Reviewed by ematerso 9 /10

Everyone should watch this film

If they did it might eradicate much of racial discrimination, misunderstandings. I absolutely loved this film and was in tears through most of it. My own family has become multi racial through, adoption, marriage and birth.

First who would not love Angela with her wonderfully mobile face? Her enthusiasm, sensitivity, talents and intelligence. All of the people were lovely (and flawed too) and kudos to her husband who so fairly must have edited many hours of film to get this story told so concisely and yet so fully. This made me feel really proud of my country. That we can learn and change, that basically people are good are willing to experience different ways of thinking. When I say all of Angela's family were lovely, I mean in their willingness to bond over this one person whom they all love, I don't mean that individually they did not have faults, that obviously is so, more so in some cases than in others. But as adoptive mother, Theresa says this is not the place to dwell on faults, this is a place to come together in acceptance and love. This movie has this in abundance.

Reviewed by abarr566 10 /10

'Closure' is an excellent and honest, contemporary adoption documentary

This is an excellent documentary on adoption. It's rare to see all perspectives sensitively handled this way - the adoptive parents, biological parents, and most importantly, the adopted child herself (now an adult). Not to give anything away, but it took a lot of courage on all sides to allow a lot of what's seen in this film, as it's perspective we rarely see, particularly with trans-racial adoptions. It's easy for people to make negative assumptions and value judgments when they see racially blended families, as unfortunately, things don't always turn out well culturally. But, again, without giving anything away, this film, is so refreshingly honest that I was deeply moved. I Highly recommend it!

Reviewed by hellolori 10 /10

One of the best we've seen...

I watched it twice. First, after a long night of insomnia. Second, 2 days later w my husband, who thanked me afterward for sharing the movie w him. Every part of this documentary keeps you riveted to the screen and we loved sharing the journey.

I've always said that the BEST documentary I have ever watched (my brother and hubby agree) is the one about John Walsh from America's Most Wanted. My brother and I held hands through parts of it, crying and saluting his courage and bravery. But, now I have 2 favorite documentaries and am thankful for it. BRAVO Bryan and Angela and super big hugs to their (now) super big family!

Oh, we downloaded 4 songs from the movie. Yes, very well done, indeed!

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