Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College (1990) torrent download

Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror



A "Ghoulies" comic book is found in a frat house bathroom. The comic secretly holds powers over three lost Ghoulies that are imprisoned within its pages. They are soon released by Professor Ragnar who uses them in an attempt to stop 'Prank Week' where frats play tricks on each other for a tinfoil crown. Skip Carter and his frat house of party animals are destined to take back the crown but he is having problems with his girlfriend who is dating his arch rival, Jeremy. When Jeremy frames Skip, resulting in his expulsion, the Ghoulies are sent to kill Skip and any other frats that stand in their way. —Anonymous


John Carl Buechler


Evan MacKenzie
as Skip Carter
Eva LaRue
as Erin Riddle
Kevin McCarthy
as Professor Ragnar
John Johnston
as Jeremy Heilman

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by In_Name_And_Blood 10 /10

Funny man's gremlins

I love this film. That might sound unusual here, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's like a Porky's movie with drunken puppets, how can you possibly go wrong? Yes its lowbrow, yes its cheap and nasty, but that's exactly what I love about it. Plus its got Jason Scott Lee being obsessed with a stereo.

The Ghoulies series is a bit of a mixed bunch. The first is a camp possession movie, with a couple of token appearances by the little guys. I gotta say, it kinda sucked, even though there were a few inspired moments. Ghoulies II was a surprisingly good little monster movie... and it had a Shakespeare-quoting midget in it! Many good childhood memories of this one. The fourth and final movie was god-awful. I've never seen a movie that doesn't "star" Ben Affleck that's sucked that much. But in amongst this assortment of barely related titles is Ghoulies Go To College, a hilarious romp through frat life from the perspective of three intoxicated little creatures.

This certainly isn't a horror movie, I wouldn't even call it a horror/comedy. It's just a dumb little movie with a big heart, big tits and some of the best one-liners this side of Citizen Toxie. Go into it expecting juvenile humour and kooky hijinks (and maybe even shenanigans) and you just might have a new favourite on your hands. Or maybe thats just goofy glue ;)

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 6 /10

Agreeably silly.

In this sequel, the title creatures run amok at a college where the frats are very busy competing with each other to see who can pull the best pranks. Professor Ragnar (Kevin McCarthy) has had more than enough of them, but has discovered a means of dealing with them. Into his possession has come a comic book (with some pretty hilarious incantations) that allows him to control the Ghoulies, which have resurfaced. It's up to prank master Skip (Evan MacKenzie) to combat the professor, who progresses from infuriated to downright evil pretty quickly. Give writer Brent Olson and director John Carl Buechler credit: they don't really go for the horror here, as just about everything is played for laughs, including the Ghoulies. In fact, the Ghoulies - only three of them in number here (Rat, Cat, and Fish are their names) - definitely have a real Three Stooges thing going on. Hell, the damn things even *talk* now. And McCarthy, well, he's just wonderful. He doesn't act like this is beneath him, but just plays his demented role for all that it's worth. The supporting cast is pretty entertaining, and it's interesting to note the familiar faces popping up. Griffin O'Neal is kind of wasted as one of the frat dudes, but MacKenzie does have an amiable goofy charm going for him, John Johnston is appropriately odious as his nemesis Heilman (not exactly a subtle name), and Eva La Rue is very sexy and appealing as the leading lady. Stephen Lee of "Dolls" and "RoboCop 2" is amusing as the put upon campus security guard Barcus, Marcia Wallace is a member of the faculty, Jason Scott Lee is another frat dude, luscious Playboy Playmate Hope Marie Carlton is a hoot as a stuck up sorority babe, and a young Matthew Lillard, billed as Matthew Lynn, makes his film debut in a small role. Depending on ones' tastes, this film can come off as tiresome at times (it's pretty obnoxious throughout), but it does deliver some laughs and does have a certain manic energy, which can only be a good thing. Genre fans who appreciate horror comedies with an accent on the comedy may find this quite entertaining, others approach with caution. Six out of 10.

Reviewed by The Creeper 10 /10

It was Funny and Scary

Anyone who has Seen Any of the Ghoulies Films Should Know how Cool the Ghoulies are. I Mean, The Ghoulies Rule! Throughout The Whole Entire Film, Those Pesky little Ghoulies Terrorize a College Campus using their Black Humor, Twisted Minds, and, of Course, The Toilets! Warning, If You Don't want to Read The Next Few Sentences Which contain Possible Spoilers, Skip ahead to Next User Comment. To Fill in The Plot A little bit more, I must tell you That in Ghoulies III There are Two Fraternities that are in a Vicious War to see who are the Greatest Jokers during Prank week. But, of Course, The Ghoulies end up in the War, and all Hell breaks loose. The whole film was a perfect Horror/Comedy and a Mighty fine Addition to the Ghoulies Series. 10 out of 10. Also Recommended Critters 2: The Main Course.

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