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A sci-fi, action adaption that examines the concept of reincarnation through remarkable visuals and well-established characters who need to use their memories and past learnt skills to ensure the future is protected from Infinites that seek to end all life on the planet. —imran

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Reviewed by rockyshaefer 3 /10


Started with an interesting concept, but revealed itself to be a Trojan horse of manure as it descended into a ludicrous suckfest with atrocious CGI.

Reviewed by satellite_20051 4 /10

A disappointing mess..

Infinite had an interesting premise however the way it has been executed is far from satisfactory. The idea of how there are two contrasting lives fluctuating the universe could have been turned into an exciting film but director Antoine Fuqua ruins it all with a tepid execution .He focuses on gloss with substance taking a complete back seat! It becomes so hard to endure this film after a point . Mark Wahlberg is decent but there is a reason why this was dumped on Paramount plus! Disappointing!

Reviewed by madsyy 5 /10

Am I missing something here?!

OK.. coming straight to it, Bathurst the supervillain doesn't want to reincarnate because he is fed up with it or watev. I mean that's his personal choice, cool peace out.

But why in the world does he want to be Thanos (maybe worst since Thanos only wants to disintegrate half of all life but again that's across the whole universe; yeah the comparison is getting a bit convoluted. So...) and use the bomb egg to kill every living organism on the planet. Then theoretically he can't reincarnate & that's the plan. But in this lifetime he already has the technology (dethroner weapon) to extract & lock a soul inside a digital chip forever. I mean he could just ask his sidekick bond girl to shoot him in the head with the special weapon, extract his soul n' lock it and now comes the crucial part. Maybe hide it in the deep Mariana Trenches or even better float it off into outer space or some other weird idea!! Instead of making the earth a barren land or so.. And finally when he does have the egg & bomb integrated to go off, get on with it immediately man. You have been waiting to do this for quite a few lifetimes. Why load it onto a plane?! Are you looking for a destination wedding kinda thing for the bomb to explode or it's just that you have the climactic fight planned inside a blown-up plane and was like 'Oh well who cares for logic in their right mind?!'

Anyways its a decent one-time watch for a lazy evening:)

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