A group of university students are invited by their parapsychology professor to investigate a haunted house for the weekend.


Jack Snyder


Mike Coleman
as Nick Krader
Terry Comer
as Roger Ellington
Gilio Gherardini
as Stephen Hughes

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Reviewed by tichy_cnp 4 /10


This movie is excruciatingly long. I think there's a fun low budget so bad it's good film somewhere in there but it turned into an endurance exercise.

Reviewed by tvcarsd 7 /10

Jack Snyder's Fatal Exam

Being a fan of Nightwish (1989) I started watching this movie with some hope of a spookfest. Fatal Exam starts slowly with some students gathering in their parapsychology classroom to be told they are off on an excursion to a real haunted house. Backstory about the place is explained here so you kind of have to slow the movie to normal speed here an pay attention as a previous investigation had already taken place.

The music's is xylophone, piano, synth and stock midday type music which was very typical for its time. Yes, this is a long movie so you need to fast forward if you don't think it will hold you attention for 2hrs. At about the 20min mark the students get to an old largish house with large yardage and begin their investigation. Check out the recording equipment they use, you've got to love the old vhs days.

Today, a movie like this would more than likely be made with 'shaky cam' like Hell House LLC but instead we get conventional directing for its time. You know, pans , zooms ,fun dream sequences and a head in a coffee table. Keep that fast forward pressed though this isn't ground breaking horror. At least these students remembered the beer and a shovel.

So by the 50 min mark we get some amusing special fx and by the 70 minute mark we get some bloody scythe horror and the body count meter finally starts to move and the whole thing just has to make you laugh. This is fine "B" Grade horror, its just over detailed in ways that doesn't pull most of us in. This is the mystery part of the movie which is the history of the house and some artifacts. You just don't care though until demons get mentioned and its you do a double take. Oh demons, finally because demons opening doorways to earth and stuff like that always catches attention so on we go.

By the 90 minute mark we get to a melee fight with classic cartoon sound fx used for the landing of kicks and punches. More humour, and some more scythe action in the yards at night to follow with tense musical scores. The cloakmen with scythes equals the artwork for the movie.

This isn't bad budget horror if you can remember to keep fast forwarding at the right time. This will effect how you feel about it in the end because you can't expect much with budget horror and you just don't care. Something happens you'll never remember anyhow.

Reviewed by allentitinik-83208 1 /10

Horrible but funny

No idea what I just watched....pathetic yet funny horror movie

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