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Reviewed by JaneBingley 3 /10

Ok thriller, ruined by the last two minutes.

Samantha's grandparents are found murdered in their little house on a tiny island. Samantha inherits, and she goes to live there. The tiny seaside town has many small islands, where people have their homes.

In order to get to the house, they must use a boat.

We learn nothing of the grandparents, or any other of Samanthas family or history. She just turns up at the house, and starts living there. No one is interested in why the old folks died, and they are never mentioned.

The town people are hostile towards the newcomer, and wants her to leave. (Yawn) We are not told why that is. She doesn't bother anyone, where she is.

She discovers that someone has been in her house, and she is so laid back about the whole situation that its ridiculous.

Normal reaction for any sane human being, would have been fear or terror. You are alone on an island, where two people have been killed. And someone is clearly stalking you in your home. That should create some emotions!

The ending, and lack of explanation to anything, ruins what could have been a nice thriller. We are not given any motive for why the person does what s/he does. And even more annoying, there are literally only two suspects. Yup, there are three other actors in this movie, but one of them is taken care of, leaving only two suspects.

The ending sucks big time, with even more irrational behaviour from Samantha.

And why did they have to name the sheriff Sam?

No horror, no supernatural, no sex, no nudity, no profanity.

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